Funding for Graduate Students

Graduate Assistantships

A number of graduate assistantships are available in various campus offices to students pursuing the student affairs cohort program.

The Department also sponsors a limited number of graduate assistantships for students that are awarded on an annual basis. Normally, assistantships offered to doctoral-level students will be offered for no more than four years. To be considered for a departmental assistantship, a student must be on campus and enrolled full time.

Doctoral students seeking financial support should also be alert to other opportunities on campus. At times, some administrative offices fund graduate assistantships, or faculty members in the College may have positions supported through grant opportunities. Graduate assistantship opportunities across campus are commonly advertised through the Graduate Report, a regular email communication sent to all current and newly admitted students from the Office of Graduate Studies.


In addition, the department offers a limited number of small fellowships to qualified students on a yearly basis. More information about fellowships can be found on the EDAD website.