Big Red Leader tuition remission

Big Red Leader (cream)

The Big Red Leader tuition remission program offers reduced tuition rates for Nebraska resident students in P-12 School Leadership programs leading to an endorsement.

Our P-12 School Leadership programs include the M.Ed., Ed.D., and administrative endorsements for the principalship, superintendency, and special education supervisor. The Big Red Leader tuition remission program provides a 15% tuition discount to P-12 school leadership students who meet at least one of the following criteria:

• Hold a previous degree from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL).

• Serve in rural and/or underserved area in Nebraska.

   We define underserved as buildings/districts receiving Title I support.

   We define rural school as:

• School/district is a member of the Nebraska Rural Community Schools Association (NRCSA).

• Located in an area classified by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) as rural or town.

Other Program Requirements

  • Must have completed at least two years teaching experience
  • Must maintain consecutive enrollment (fall, spring, summer) upon admission

    Per the UNL Office of Graduate Studies, students who do not enroll in classes during three consecutive terms will have their programs discontinued and will have to reapply for admission at regular rates.

  • Must remain in good academic standing for the duration of the graduate program.

Resident Standard Tuition Rate

15% reduction in graduate tuition rates

Current resident rate: $357/credit hour

The Big Red Leader tuition remission program rate: $303.45/credit hour

The Big Red Leader tuition remission program is a mutually exclusive program and cannot be combined with any other tuition remission program.


Master’s/administrative endorsements

   Master’s/administrative endorsement students may receive the remission for three consecutive years.

   MEd/administrative endorsement applications due April 1 for summer 2022 start.

Doctoral/superintendent endorsement

   Doctoral/superintendent endorsement students may receive the remission for five consecutive years.

   P-12 EdD/Supt endorsement applications due January 15 for summer 2022 start.

For More Information, contact:

Shavonna Holman Associate Professor of Practice, P-12 School Leadership M.ED. Coordinator

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Sarah Zuckerman

Sarah Zuckerman Associate Professor, Ed. D. Coordinator

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Dr. Dijon DeLaPorte - first gen

Dijon DeLaPorte Recruitment and Outreach Specialist

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