Supporting EDAD Graduate Students

Student-centered Philosophy of the Department

The Department of Educational Administration is committed to creating a student-centered environment that facilitates the success of all of our students. As defined by the Association of American Universities (AAU), student-centered means “reorient[ing] the educational environment to prioritize students as individuals with diverse educational and professional interests, needs, and challenges” (para. 1). Following the AAU’s recommendations, this means that as a department, we commit to:

  • Recognize each student’s specific educational and professional interests, their needs, and their challenges.
  • Ensuring that every student’s educational goals are clear and that decisions about how students spend their time are based on their educational needs and goals, not solely on demand for research productivity.
  • Regular conversations between faculty advisors and students about student’s goals and plans. Tools such as regular advising committee meetings and annually updated Individual Development Plan [Academic Success Plans] can be required.
  • Providing curricular flexibility and time for students to engage in professional development of their choosing. Ensuring that students are aware of the resources available on their campus.,
  • Develop mechanisms for student feedback and input in departmental practices to ensure that student educational interests and needs are not superseded by other institutional priorities. (para. 7)

A student-centered environment is one in which we recognize that each student has unique professional and personal circumstances, and success looks different for each student. The faculty and staff of the department are committed to working with students to help them navigate any challenges that may arise during the course of their studies, and to continue our support should circumstances require a leave of absence or fully departing from the program. We have developed and identified a number of resources that we hope are helpful to students as they navigate their academic journeys.

Student Resources

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln and the College of Education and Human Sciences are committed to ensuring the health and well-being of our students. This responsibility is shared by all members of the academic community and includes providing resources for the intellectual, academic, financial, physical, social and mental well-being. To further this, the College of Education and Human Sciences has developed a comprehensive resource guide that has been developed to assist faculty and students in finding specific university and CEHS resources based on their needs.

Student Sucess Center

A key hub of student support resources is provided through the award-winning EDAD Student Success Center in Canvas. You will be added to this Canvas site when you are admitted to the program.

The Student Success Center is a one-stop shop for all of the information you will need during your time with EDAD. It includes links to program-specific information; university resources; writing and research support; financial resources; social supports; resources related to diversity, equity, and inclusion; and more.

Graduate Student Alliance

The Educational Administration Graduate Student Alliance (EDAD GSA) is a student organization run by and for all graduate students of the Department of Educational Administration. The purpose of the Educational Administration Graduate Student Alliance is to:

  • Develop and promote a sense of community for all Educational Administration graduate students, graduate assistants, and alumni;
  • Serve as a conduit for scholarly and social interaction among peers, faculty, and administrators;
  • Advocate for EDAD graduate students; and
  • Create and disseminate educational and professional information and materials.

For more information, contact the EDAD GSA by email. You can also follow the EDAD GSA on Facebook and Twitter.