EDAD Dissertation Topics

Our Husker Scholars are immersed in authentic, real-world research that addresses the most challenging issues and opportunities in PK-12 and higher education. Under the direction of our team of expert faculty, our masters and doctoral level students are tackling these and a host of other issues:

  • Caregiver turnover in early childhood settings
  • Teachers’ prior experiences with poverty in high poverty school districts
  • Teacher retention in rural and urban school districts
  • The Impact of school counselors on middle school students
  • Efficacy of out of school suspensions in high school
  • Teacher perceptions of administrators’ roles in supporting positive school cultures
  • Transformational leadership among a state’s award-winning principals
  • The role of graduate faculty chairs at research universities
  • Muslim American students’ sense of belonging at a Christian university
  • College financial aid directors’ roles as educators, leaders, and managers
  • The leadership of Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz
  • Career building among Asian American Immigrant college students