Dr. Brent Cejda retires from EDAD

Dr. Brent Cejda retires from EDAD

20 May 2022     By Dijon DeLaPorte

1. When did you come to UNL and what did you teach/specialize in?

We moved to Lincoln in the summer of 2005. Initially I taught broad courses related to higher education administration such as Issues in Higher Education Administration. Then I was asked to switch to classes developed for the community college leadership certificate such as Teaching and Learning in the Community College. After I served as chair, I taught courses for our master’s degree programs—mainly Higher Education in America. I guess you would say that I was a generalist rather than a specialist.


2. What research did you do while at UNL?

My research focused on community colleges. My research projects focused on Latinx students in the community college, and I also wrote on leadership, distance education and student involvement in research at community colleges. In terms of service, I was the executive director of the National Council of Instructional Administrators, served on the editorial board of two journals, was a board member and then president of the Council for the Study of Community Colleges, and I served on several University and CEHS committees.


3. What will you miss about EDAD, UNL, or Nebraska in general?

Senior-level administrators are important, but what made things work for me at UNL were the people that really made the department, the college, and the university work. Cindy, Diane, Tareq, Brian, Stephen, Matt, Tammie, Nell, Ben, Phyllis, Jenny, Terri, Kelsey, Eva, Becky … the names go on and on, and I’ve probably worn out my welcome with some, but I will miss these very important individuals. I was also fortunate enough to find department chairs, many who are no longer department chairs, who were willing to help me, both as chair of EDAD and as a faculty member—a shout out to RJ who I will miss. Our department supported me as a faculty member and as the chair and I will miss former and current colleagues and that also includes faculty in other CEHS departments and across the university. I will also miss the enthusiasm, commitment and when they graduate, the joy amongst our students.


4. What are your plans for retirement?  

I need to relax and recharge a bit. That means reading anything other than dissertation chapters, having the time to watch a movie rather than a 30-minute tv show, and sitting on one of the benches just enjoying the day when I take Odin to the dog park. I enjoy cooking and have signed up for some classes. We have begun planning a trip to Europe for the summer of 2023 and have clearly explained to our children that they are welcome to come along but will need to pay their share of the expenses. Do some volunteer work.


5. Do you have a memory or lesson from your time here that you would like to share?

Get it in writing, signed and dated and then make multiple copies.

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