Cara Anderson B.S. Inclusive Early Childhood Education, May, 2014

Lead Preschool Teacher, Educare of Lincoln

Cara is the Lead Preschool Teacher at Educare of Lincoln, where she works with a diverse group of children from at-risk or low socioeconomic-status families.

"I have several students with IEPs (Individualized Education Programs), so the special education background I got from the Inclusive program has helped a lot! I also did one of my student teaching placements at Educare, so I was able to make connections that helped me get a job there."

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Cara Anderson
Cara Anderson

Elizabeth Casey Bachelor Degree in Secondary Education-Family and Consumer Sciences, 2009

Millard Public Schools-Millard North Middle School (2009-2013) and Millard West High School (2013-Present)

Elizabeth currently teaches Foods for Today, Everyday Living (Health), and Child Development

She was involved in Millard North Middle School’s wellness committee and sent out a weekly “Food Friday” e-mail to the staff with healthy recipes and cooking tips. She is a self-proclaimed “foodie” who enjoys teaching food and nutrition classes. She thoroughly enjoys the topics covered and conversations that take place in health class. Elizabeth will be presenting on College and Career Readiness (CCR) during Milard West's Fall 2014 workshop days.

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Elizabeth Casey

Kara Cruickshank B.S. in Family Science, 2013

Full-Time Volunteer, A Simple House, Kansas City

Kara graduated in 2013 with a Bachelor's Degree in Family Science. While she was coordinating Spring Break Mission Trips for the Newman Center, she came into contact with A Simple House through the Fellowship of Catholic University Students. Kara ended up leading the trip that went to A Simple House in Washington, D.C.

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Kara Cruickshank
Kara Cruickshank

Kelsey Hannon B.S., Family & Consumer Sciences Education, 2011

Teacher, Weeping Water Public Schools

Kelsey Hannon participated in the student section of the American Association of Family & Consumer Sciences (AAFCS), attending the Regional Conference in Iowa in April and National Conference in Phoenix in 2011.

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Kelsey Hannon

Dr. Toni Hill Ph.D. in Family Studies, UNL

Assistant Professor, University of Nebraska Kearney

Dr. Hill is an assistant professor in the Department of Family Studies at the University of Nebraska at Kearney. She came to UNK four years ago after receiving her Ph.D. in Family Science at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Her expertise in child welfare and family issues includes 24 years of professional work experience in areas of social services and foster care case management and licensure, child protective services, kinship care and child welfare worker training.

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Dr. Toni Hill
Dr. Toni Hill

Jordan Jarecke Inclusive Early Childhood Education, 2013

Our Lady of Lourdes in Denver, Colorado
I love it here. It is a very small staff, who works hard to ensure it's students are loved and learning. We are a classical education school which means we focus on the beauty of the world around us through wonder, poetry, classical literature and even Latin. My preschool kids are loving learning Latin.

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Jordan Jarecke
Jordan Jarecke

Brittany Knudsen Family and Consumer Sciences Education, 2014

FCCLA co-advisor and teacher, Lincoln Southwest High School

Brittany is a teacher and co-adviser Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) chapter of Lincoln Southwest High School. As a co-adviser, she takes students to conferences and helps coordinate the district conference. "One of the coolest parts about FCCLA is seeing how it can really bring out the best in our members. Even in my short time at Southwest, I have seen members’ self-esteem skyrocket when involved in FCCLA activities. I think that FCCLA really gives its members purpose and drive, and that’s such a fun thing to see as an advisor."

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Brittany Knudsen

Wenli Liu Ph.D. in Child Development, 2003

Associate Professor, School of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, Beijing Normal University

Wenli and her team develop comprehensive sexuality education textbooks for primary school students, and more than 10 migrant children schools use the textbooks as teaching materials in sexuality education classes. More than 5000 migrant children and their families have benefited from the project's work.

"The training and education I received from UNL make me more confident and stronger to have dreams to realize my career aspirations."

Wenli hopes to one day incorporate comprehensive sexuality education into the national education curriculum in China.

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Wenli Liu
Wenli Liu

Hugo Martinez BS, Family Science, 2013

Education Specialist, Upward Bound Program, University of Nebraska–Lincoln

I work primarily in our target schools: Lincoln Northeast, Lincoln High School and Lincoln North Star. Our main focus is to get first-generation low-income students to enter and graduate from a four-year college. We are not successful unless our students graduate from a four-year college institution! 

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Photo of Hugo Martinez.
Hugo Martinez

Elyse Marvin Family Consumer Science, 2011

High School Intern, Calvary Bible Church; Erie, CO
My job is awesome because I get to work with high school students and help guide them into becoming the best versions of themselves they can be! I am investing in future generations by motivating these students to impact the world in a great way. I get to mentor students individually and in larger groups. We are working on growing in character and as people. We are committed to reaching our local and global communities and taking care of those who need help, and it's been so rewarding to get to see students come alongside our community and make a difference in a positive way!

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Elyse Marvin
Elyse Marvin

Katie Quimby B.S., Elementary Education and Early Childhood Education, May 2011

Co-Owner and Director, Bubbles & Blocks Child Development Center, LLC

Katie created Bubbles & Blocks Child Development Center in June of 2013, which aims to help foster curiosity in children. They currently have around 100 children enrolled. Quimby's favorite part of the job is working with the children and their parents. "I absolutely love seeing the kiddos and parents come in each day with a smile on their face because they are excited about being at Bubbles & Blocks and they trust the care and teaching our teachers are giving," Quimby said.

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Katie Quimby
Katie Quimby

Paige Rambour BS in Family and Consumer Science Education, Secondary Teaching Certificate, 2012

Family and Consumer Science Teacher, Cheerleading Coach, Norfolk Senior High School

Paige is currently a teacher of Family and Consumer Sciences at Norfolk High School. She teaches Child Development and Nutrition courses and is also a cheerleading sponsor.

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Paige Rambour

Jane Schuchardt BS, Consumer Journalism, 1974

Executive Director, Extension Committee on Organization and Policy
Jane Schuchardt is executive director, Extension Committee on Organization and Policy, the representative leadership and governing body of Cooperative Extension nationwide. Located at the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities in Washington, D.C., she works to build partnerships, acquire resources, increase strategic marketing and enhance leadership and professional development.

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Jane Schuchardt
Jane Schuchardt

Mollie von Kampen M.S., Child Development/Early Childhood Education, University of Nebraska–Lincoln, 2011; B.S., Education/Inclusive Early Childhood Education, University of Nebraska–Lincoln, 2008,

Lecturer, Lead Teacher, Ruth Staples Child Development Laboratory, Department of Child, Youth and Family Studies, College of Education and Human Sciences, University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Mollie is focused on innovative teaching and learning techniques.  She wrote her master’s thesis on how outdoor environments affect attention and self-regulation behaviors in children with autism. Mollie has experience teaching in a wide variety of classrooms including different age levels, culturally diverse, and varied learning abilities. She holds a teaching certificate for early childhood special education in Nebraska and early childhood education in Kansas.

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Mollie von Kampen

Jordan Went B.S., Family & Consumer Sciences Education, 2011

Teacher, Centennial Public Schools, Utica, NE

Jordan was the Outstanding FCS Education major within the department of Child, Youth & Family Studies for 2011 and was very involved in campus life.

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Jordan Went