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The Spanish Studies Institute strives to be a meeting point for individuals and institutions involved in the learning and teaching of Spanish as a World Language in the States of Nebraska, Iowa and Kansas.

The Spanish Studies Institute at UNL is the result of a cooperative effort between the University of Nebraska Lincoln-College of Education and Human Sciences, the Nebraska Department of Education and the Education Office of the Embassy of Spain in Washington D.C.

Our main goal is to enhance the teaching of the Spanish language and its culture in the states of Nebraska, Iowa and Kansas by providing a meeting point for teachers, students and administrators of all levels involved in the teaching and studying of the Spanish language and Hispanic cultures.

Some of the programs which are coordinated from the Spanish Studies Institute include the program of Visiting Teachers from Spain, the Language and Culture Assistants in Spain and in theUS, Summer Courses for teachers and students, grants and other programs.

We have a library of resources for the teaching of Spanish that are available on loan to students and educators.

We are located at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in Department of Teaching, Learning in Henzlik Hall. Please contact us at:

Spanish Studies Institute at UNL
61B Henzlik Hall
Lincoln, Ne 68588-0355
Tel 402 472 0683
Fax 402 472 2837

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