DIGITAL Sonifier® UNITS Models S-450D


The Branson 450 is ideal for cell disruption, nano particles, chip assay, emulsification, homogenization, cell lysing, processing DNA and proteins, acceleration of reactions, leaching and extraction, and fine mixing degassing.

The digital controls on the Digital Sonifier allow for accuracy and repeatability of control settings. You enter application parameters into the system  through the keypad on the front panel of the unit and can save up to twenty (20) sets of preset control parameters. You can view operating parameters through the twenty-character, four-line LCD display on the unit control panel.

By setting various operation parameters, you can precisely control the way in which ultrasonics are applied to the sample. You can:

  • Specify the time duration of the experiment
  • Adjust the amplitude setting between 10% and 100% of maximum amplitude (microtip 70% maximum)
  • Prevent excessive temperature increase in the sample by setting ultrasonics to operate in Pulse mode or in Pulse/Pause mode
  • Bring a sample to a desired temperature and hold it there, varying by only a few degrees, for a desired duration using the Pulse/Pause mode
  • Set the maximum allowable temperature in the sample, so that ultrasonics will stop automatically when the specified temperature is reached