Before you start to use BORC facility literally, make sure:

1. Finish all relative EHS training. You may find the training information at

2. If you plan to work on small animal using BORC facility, you also need to finish the training required by Life Science Annex and have the relevant IACUC protocol approved. 

3. Make sure your experiments are covered by your IBC and IRB protocol

4. Have taken the proper online self-training and on-site personal training by BORC staff. Click here to find available instruments and primary responsible research technologist to schedule on-site training. 

5. Have registered an account on iLAB system ( You may find the instruction by clicking How to Sign Up iLAB and Reserve Instruments.

6. Make sure you have a reservation before using the instruments.

7. For service request, the users need to fill the Service Request Intake Form and send it back to BORC director before submitting any samples.