Alyssa Schroeder -Dev Research and Extension Group

Alyssa Schroeder
Name: Alyssa Schroeder
From: Lincoln, NE, USA
Degree pursuing: B.A. Psychology
Project: I am currently developing a table script and lesson plan about using sandbox games to teach children to serve themselves. This is extremely important because it is an informative part of the lesson for providers to teach self-serving skills to be able to implement it at the table correctly and efficiently.
Skills Acquired: I enjoy learning many research skills such as writing literature reviews, academic writing skills, and attend conferences.
Future Goals: My future goals include becoming more involved in the community related to my field and to attend graduate school.
How will the project experience help you achieve your future career goals? I hope this will aid me in getting some community involvement as well as knowledge of community programs.
Top 3 strengths that contribute to the project: I am enthusiastic with children, goal-oriented and helpful
Fun Fact: When I was younger, I had hair that was long enough to sit on.