How can we help you?

You should:

Contact  Katie Ballue. He can put in a ticket to IT for you.

You should:

Contact Catia Guerrero. She can help you order new furniture and equipment.

In Mabel Lee: Contact Phyllis Fogarty.

On East Campus: Contact Melanie Kellogg. She's the building liason for the FRC, CDL, and Home Economics.

Anywhere else: Please refer to the BMR Lookup.

Check out the full list of University travel policies over at Travel Services' policy page.

Here's a quick overview:

  • We need itemized receipts for anythign over $5. If you don't have one, or you only have the credit card receipt, we can only reimburse you $4.99.
  • We cannot reimburse more than the per diem rate for meals in the city you are in. You can find the per diem on the GSA webpage.
  • We cannot reimburse alcohol or tips over 20% (we do, however, encourage good tipping habits).
  • Mileage reimbursement rate is $.54/mile.
  • If you are traveling internationally, you need a travel authorization number from the business center before you book your flight with Travel & Transport. This number is used for safety reasons.

Start by filling out a pre-trip authorization: PDF or Excel. Forward this to Lisa McConnell, who will get the department chair's signature and forward to the business center. You need the chair's approval before you book any travel.

Flights can be booked with Travel and Transport, hotels with UNL's System. If you need help, Lisa McConnell is our travel pro!

Hold on to your itemized receipts, you'll need them for the Travel Expense Voucher you submit to Lisa McConnell when you return: PDF or Excel

Please provide the cost object or WBS number for any grants you need the purchase charged to.

You should:

Contact Catia Guerrero, our Pixel Lab liason.

You should:

Use the Non-Travel Expense Voucher: PDF or Excel. Submit to Lisa McConnell, who will get the department chair's approval and send it to the business center to process.

You should:

Contact Lisa McConnell. She can help with eShop and PCard orders. If it's something we can't purchase because of University restrictions, we'll have you purchase it and get reimbursed.

CYAF has a Skype account, Zoom profile, Adobe Connect account, and conference call line to help with any distance meetings. Catia Guerrero oversees the department's telecommunications technology, and can help set up and troubleshoot your meeting. She'll do her best to get you connected.

You should:

Check out our Faculty/Staff profile page. If you need someone in a different department, check out the University Directory.

If you need to update your contact info or online profile page, shoot Katie Ballue an email.

You should:

Contact Kelsey Sims. She's our curriculum pro!

You should:

Contact Catia Guerrero.

Check out the Canvas Help & Resources page. It's a great resource.

The college also has two course designers: Brian Wilson is available to work with faculty on City Campus; Sushma Jolly works with faculty on East Campus.

We have two meeting rooms in Mabel Lee: 144 and 243.

  • 144 holds 49 people, has built in telecommunications, and 2 TVs, Apple TV,  with a computer and laptop hookups.
  • 243 holds 25 people, and has a TV and Apple TV with laptop hookups. Conference call phone is available as well.

You can contact anyone in the department office to see if a room is available at 472-2957. If neither of our rooms are available, we'll work to help you find a meeting space.

Contact Catia Guerrero   or  Kelsey Sims if you need N Card access to a room or to the building. She can put in a request to get you access to the building or any of our department rooms. They usually take 24 hours to go through.

CYAF also has a Skype account, Zoom profile, Adobe Connect account, and conference call line to help with any distance meetings. Catia Guerrero oversees the department's telecommunications technology, and can help set up and troubleshoot your meeting. She'll do his best to get you connected.

Catia Guerrero works with the department chair to determine assistantship and fellowship distribution. The department chair has the final decision on department graduate assistantships.

See something on the website that doesn't look quite right? Need to update your online profile? Contact Katie Ballue.

Click on a staff to get a quick overview of their responsibilities.

Catia Guerrero supervises the department office. She assists with graduate assistantships and fellowships, manages the department chair's calendar, and oversees renovation projects.

Lisa King is the Great Plains IDEA coordinator. She coordinates our graduate programs and graduate student listservs.

Lisa McConnell is the department receptionist. She helps with travel arrangements, textbook orders, and purchases. Lisa works daily 9 am - 1 pm, and is out of the office during the summer.

Kelsey Sims handles undergraduate curriculum and graduate applications. She oversees the Early Childhood Education in a Mobile Society program, an online undergraduate Great Plains IDEA program.

The CEHS Business Center helps the college and faculty with grant writing, HR issues, and accounting support.

Nell Inselman is the college travel pro!

You should:

Contact Lisa McConnell. She is our textbook ordering pro!

Cost objects are used to specify grants and money use. Ben Lennander is the college's cost object pro!

You should:

Contact Tammie Herrington. She's the college's HR pro!

You should:

Contact Ronda Alexander. She's the college's grant pro!

The Nebraska Center for Research on Children, Youth, Families and Schools also provides grant support. Check out their research support page.

Handbooks and Department Documents

Department Handbook
Promotion and Tenure Guidelines: PDF or Online
Doctoral Degree Handbook
Master's Degree Handbook
Academic Integrity Statement
Permission For Access To a Faculty Office
    (Used to allow students into your office. Send original to Catia Guerrero.)
Leave Form
    (Used for any non-university travel leave to notify the CYAF office of your absence.)

You Should Check Out:

Nebraska Extension's Employee Resource page. It's a great resource for Extension folks.