Annual Review of Ph.D. Students

The Department of Child, Youth and Family Studies conducts an annual review of Ph.D. students to determine if they are making adequate progress and to determine if additional support or measures are needed.

The following are areas in which progress is monitored:

  1. coursework and grade average;
  2. selecting a major professor and committee;
  3. filing a program of study;
  4. conducting research-publications and presentations;
  5. teaching;
  6. grants applications;
  7. professional ethics/professional role; and
  8. maintaining progress within time limits.

Process: Students will be notified of the review process. A survey will be sent to Ph.D. students by e-mail. They will be given one week to complete and return the survey.

Graduate faculty in Child, Youth and Family Studies will meet within their respective program areas for review of each student. The major advisor will lead discussion including the following:

  • Response to survey
  • Current Transcript
  • Student File

Upon completion of review, a letter will be sent to the student and placed in his/her file. The major advisor should refer back to the letter in planning with the student.