"The Office of Graduate Studies has established a residency requirement for the purpose of ensuring that the Doctoral program is reasonably compact, continuous and cohesive; and that a substantial portion be, in fact, done at and under close supervision of the University. The academic residency requirement is part of the student's approved program.

For a student beginning a doctoral program in the University of Nebraska system with a bachelors degree, the academic residency requirement for the Ph.D. is 27 hours of graduate work within a consecutive 18-month period or less, with the further provision that 15 of these 27 hours must be taken after receiving the Masters degree or its equivalent.

The residency requirement for (1) a member of the University staff who is engaged at least half time in instruction or research in his/her major area, or (2) a person employed in their major field, the residency requirement is 24 credit hours of graduate work within a consecutive two-year period with the further provision that they take at least 12 of these after receiving the Masters degree or its equivalent." (Bulletin, p. 14)

"A minimum of three full years of graduate study is normally required to complete a program for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. Neither the courses taken nor the time spent in study determines the granting of the degree. It is given primarily for high attainment in some special field of scholarship and for demonstrated power of independent research in a subdivision of this field." (Bulletin, p. 14)

"The time limit on granting the doctoral degree is eight years from the time of filing the student's Program of Studies in the Office of Graduate Studies." (Bulletin, p. 14)