Austin Meyers -Dev Research and Extension Group

Austin Meyers
Name: Austin Meyers
From: Gretna, Nebraska
Degree pursuing: Biology, Minors French and gerontology
Project: Develop resources to support adult-based learning of childcare professionals and parents to encourage children to eat healthy foods.
Skills Acquired: Research skills and first-hands experience with a research project. Children’s correct health practices and formal setting experience.
Future Goals: I plan to go into the medical field and become a physician
How will the project experience help you achieve your future career goals? This will help broaden my mind in the pediatric field and help me be more professional working toward it. It will also help my CV as I apply for medical school.
Top 3 strengths that contribute to the project: I am I hard worker when I have a goal to meet, I am very outspoken and personable, while being open minded, I also am organized fitting everything together with set plans.
Fun Fact: I lived in France for six months learning French for future medical trips I will go on.