Emma Marie Thomas -Dev Research and Extension Group

Emma Marie Thomas
Name: Emma Marie Thomas
From: Rapid City, South Dakota
Email: emmamthomas@live.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/emma-marie-thomas-5877b254
Degree pursuing: Journalism (Advertising and Public Relations)
Project: My role is to research, strategize and implement social media content for The Learning Child Extension team. I developed best practices for the specific target audience and channels to best deliver our messages. Social Media is the best way to reach out intended audience but has rarely been done in this field.
Skills Acquired: Translating research to practice, teaching people how to use social media, working with people in different fields.
Future Goals: After graduation I would like to work in-house for a company or in an advertising agency doing social media content strategizing.
How will the project experience help you achieve your future career goals? This has been a great opportunity for me to apply the skills I have learned in classes and gain experience with social media for clients.
Top 3 strengths that contribute to the project: Organizational skills, my passion for social media and advertising, and my drive to make The Learning Child the number one source for early childhood information
Fun Fact: I love to ski and hope to one day live near the mountains