Identity on the Walls: Brazilian Graffiti and Cultural Expression

Eder Muniz Presentation

Identity on the Walls: Brazilian Graffiti and Cultural Expression

11 Oct 2019    

A Brazilian artist named Eder Muniz will be presenting on the history of graffiti as its importance as an art form for cultural and community expression. Eder is considered one of the 100 most important and influential artists in Brazil. His work draws on his African and Indigenous heritage that illustrates the connection between nature and people. His artwork has been on exhibits throughout the world, more specifically in the UCLA Fowler Museum exhibition (2017-2018). He is also the founder of the Clangos Movement, a collective of artists to bring culture to the communities of the Bahian Capital (Salvador). In 2005 he participated in the Salvador Grata project, and was invited to do several lectures in the United States and to hold workshops at Universities and NGOs in New York City. He is currently here in the United States doing several commissioned works, and lecturing at several U.S. Universities. We were fortunate to get him here. Several faculty in CYAF and TLTE have worked with Eder when they have visited Salvador, Brazil. Eder is potentially being considered as an artist who may be commissioned to do work for the new Child Development Lab.

His presentation will be on Monday, October 14th, from 10:30-12:00 in the Campus Union Auditorium. It is entitled: “Identity on the Walls: Brazilian Graffiti and Cultural Expression”. We encourage students, staff, & faculty to attend!

Child, Youth and Family Studies