New Buffett Community Chair

Dr. Julia Torquati

New Buffett Community Chair

14 Jun 2019    

Interim Dean Beth Doll is pleased to announce that Dr. Julia Torquati has accepted the position of the Buffett Early Childhood Institute Community Chair in Infant and Child Mental Health in the Department of Child, Youth and Family Studies.

Dr. Torquati is an award winning faculty member with 25 years of experience and leadership in the child development lab and the department. She is a valued mentor of her students and junior faculty members, and has a strong track record of active collaboration in her research and her teaching. Her work integrates mental health into the ecological system of very young children including their families, caregivers, communities and environments. Dr. Torquati’s publications related to temperament, self-regulation, caregiving, peer relationships, adult-child relationships and executive functioning demonstrate her expertise in the emotional and social well-being of young children. She will devote 25% of her time to Buffett Institute programs and bridging the work to university and community partners. Her vision for the Community Chair and the partnership with the Buffett Institute is exciting and will serve the University, College and Department very well. Congratulations Julia!

Child, Youth and Family Studies