Yunqi Wang

Joined 2020

Dr. Yan Ruth Xia, advisor

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B.S., Applied Psychology, Tianjin Normal University

Yunqi’s research interests focus on youth’s mental health and problem behaviors tied to the family environment in a global context. The research projects she has previously participated in revolves around intimate relationships and adolescent’s mental health as well as youth’s aggression.

Yunqi is familiar with SPSS, Mplus, and E-prime in quantitative methodologies, and is continuing to develop her skills in qualitative research and analytical skills in Amos and Mat-lab. I have hands-on experiences with the Eyelink eye tracker and Biomac. Yunqi speaks Chinese, English, and German.

Previously, Yunqi has taught group counseling classes for local senior-highschool students and worked as an assistant in a psychological counseling center. She has also participated in various kinds of international volunteer programs and activities.

Why CYAF at University of Nebraska-Lincoln

“I chose the Global Family Health and Wellbeing program in CYAF because the courses provided are very appealing and potential career opportunities align very well with my research interest. The program encourages students to help the most vulnerable populations and to be global citizens – something which I am very fond of. Various resources and international engagement at UNL can help me conduct in-depth research and develop professional experiences in an inclusive, diverse, and supportive context.”


Othmars Fellowship, 2020-2021