Complete integrity is the hallmark of the global academic community.

A shared commitment to the highest standards of academic integrity is held across all disciplines and all kinds of higher education institutions.As a necessary condition of our membership in the academic community, we agree to identify the source of the ideas or words or images that we borrow. We agree not to cheat on exams. We agree to accurately and fully describe the methods and results of our research. We agree to protect the rights of the participants in our studies. We agree to deal honestly with the content of our courses and fairly with the students in our care.

Because integrity is essential to our community, we hold very high expectations for every graduate student at UNL, each of whom is required to be aware of and adhere to the student code of conduct. The publication of the Student Code of Conduct is considered sufficient “forewarning.” Ignorance of our expectations is never a valid excuse. If you are uncertain about whether a planned action is ethical, stop and seek the advice of a trusted faculty member before you act.

Professors at UNL expect every student to be completely honest on every academic requirement. There is no small act of dishonesty for graduate students, and it is never a victimless act. The victims of academic dishonesty include professors, classmates and the university itself. Most of all, the dishonest student loses, selling her or his integrity at an embarrassingly low price and missing out on an opportunity to advance through real effort and accomplishment.

The punishment for graduate students who engage in any kind of academic dishonesty is harsh – suspension or expulsion are the most common sanctions for graduate students who choose to violate the code of conduct. The official transcript of an expelled student is appended with a permanent statement that notes the student was dismissed for violation of the student code.

As members of our academic community, graduate students should be aware and willing to abide by our standards, including both academic and personal conduct. UNL holds academic integrity to be sacrosanct. There is never a circumstance or situation that justifies an act of academic dishonesty.