Educational Psychology Travel Application

Educational Psychology Dissertation and

Student Travel Funds Application


The Educational Psychology department provides students with funds for dissertation research and conference travel through two separate funding sources—Nebraska state funds and the Sylvia and Hans Jeans Conference & Dissertation Fellowship fund. Students can apply for one or both awards by indicating their choice below. Be sure to read this application thoroughly before filling it out. Submit this application form to the Educational Psychology department travel application website before the application deadline to be considered for funding:

Application Deadline Due Dates:

October 15

January 15

April 15

July 15


Nebraska State Travel Awards:

Graduate students in the Department of Educational Psychology may be reimbursed up to $250 per year for travel to a professional conference. Students can only be awarded these travel funds once per academic year. See the statement below if you wish to use travel funds for printing conference posters at the Pixel Lab.


Sylvia and Hans Jeans Conference & Dissertation Fellowship Awards:

Through funds generously provided by Sylvia and Hans Jeans, the Department of Educational Psychology supports graduate students’ dissertation research (e.g., measures, participant incentives) and presentations at professional conferences. For conference travel funding, priority will be given to students who are presenting at national or international conferences.

Students may submit one application per application deadline but can also submit multiple applications per year. Funding requests for later application dates are contingent on the availability of remaining funds. Students who receive awards must send a thank-you letter to the sponsors (Sylvia and Hans Jeans).  See the statement below if you wish to use travel funds for printing conference posters at the Pixel Lab.


Applying Travel Funds to Printing Posters at the Pixel Lab:

Students who are first author on a poster presentation at a research conference can have a standard-size poster (see below) printed at the Pixel Lab at the department’s expense. You must first, however, submit a request for approval to Edith and Dr. Swearer before submitting a request to the Pixel Lab. Once your poster has been approved, please send it directly to Edith who will submit it on your behalf to the Pixel lab for printing. The EDPS department will only pay for posters that are 40” x 30”. Students will have to pay the difference if they choose a different size. For approved posters, students will not need to use travel fund award money to cover the cost unless the poster is larger than 40” x 30”.

Grant-funded projects requiring Pixel Lab services will NOT be paid for by the College or Department. All other requests, including the need for graphic design work, need to be submitted through the “Project Request Form” on the Pixel Lab website [ ]. Last minute projects WILL NOT be approved.

Guidelines for Choosing Type(s) of Funding:

  • Students applying for funding to support their dissertation research should apply for the Jeans award only.
  • Awards through Nebraska State funds require that students arrange their travel through Concur. Jeans awards have no such requirement. Funds are deposited directly into students’ accounts. Thus, if a student wishes to avoid having to arrange travel through Concur, they should apply for the Jeans funds only.
  • If the total amount requested is for less than $250, students should apply for Jeans funds only, as this will allow them to apply for Nebraska state funds at a later date.
  • If the total amount requested exceeds $250, students should request funds from both sources (unless they wish to avoid the Concur requirement for Nebraska state funds). The Department Scholarship committee will prioritize the allocation of funds from the Jeans fund but will try to meet the student’s request as best as possible through both funds if necessary.

Application link here.

Please send your application to Edith Reza-Martinez (