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Dr. Tina D. Hoffman is a Licensed Psychologist in Nebraska, Iowa, and Florida as well as part of the PsycPact Agreement amongst states. She received her doctorate in Psychological and Quantitative Foundations Counseling Psychology program from the University of Iowa. Dr. Hoffman received clinical training at a variety of locations including community mental health treatment centers, high schools, college counseling centers, VA hospital settings, and private practice. After working at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln (UNL) Counseling and Psychological Services for several years, she opened her own private practice in the Lincoln community. She is committed to serving others across a variety of therapeutic modalities including individual therapy, group therapy, and psychological assessment. Moreover, she is involved in mentoring the next generation of counseling psychologists by providing a field placement site for psychological evaluation training as well as teaching assessment courses for the UNL Counseling Psychology program.

Dr. Hoffman’s approach to individual therapy prioritizes a comfortable, supportive and non-judgmental counseling setting where clients feel safe to examine current and on-going concerns. Her intention is to foster an environment where clients feel safe to explore their situations and experiences as well as their relationships with themselves and others, especially as viewed within an ecological context (i.e., individual, societal and cultural influences).  Clients are viewed as experts on themselves who are powerful and fully capable of setting and achieving desired goals, while also receiving support from others when taking steps and risks necessary for change. She enjoys using a variety of therapeutic techniques to match the client's concerns, worldview, and level of comfort. Her therapeutic approach is firmly grounded in an integration of Time Limited Psychodynamic Therapy, Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy, and Feminist Therapy.

Dr. Hoffman is open to working with a wide variety of clients and concerns. She specializes in psychological evaluation to best understand and diagnose concerns while developing client-centered treatment recommendations based on underlying concerns. She also has experience working with individuals across the lifespan and genuinely enjoys both individual and group therapy modalities. Although she also has a wide variety of therapeutic interests, her particular clinical interests around individual therapy includes managing mood disorders including depression, bipolar disorder, and anxiety as well as relationship concerns, transition issues, vocational psychology, and trauma-recovery for diverse individuals of all ages. She works collaboratively with clients to build insight, understanding, resiliency, and empowerment as clients work to identify and meet therapeutic goals, happiness and balance in life, manage symptoms, and create personal wellness.