Masters Comprehensive Exam

The Department of Educational Psychology has agreed to the following procedure for the master's comprehensive examination to be administered three times per year. This exam is only allowed to be completed three times and may be taken no more than 24 months prior to the date of graduation.

For the purpose of the examination the Department is considered to be arranged in four areas of emphasis: (a) Counseling, (b) Development, (c) Learning Sciences, and (d) Quantitative, Qualitative, and Psychometric Methods (QQPM). Subtests for each of four areas will consist of objective items and/or essay-type questions. Each subtest will require approximately 45-50 minutes to complete. Selection of items to comprise these subtests will be made up by representatives from each of the four areas for each administration of the comprehensive examination.

Students are required to complete a minimum of three subtests. Counseling students should select one of the track options and two other tests. DLS students should select Learning Sciences and Development and one of the three subtests from the QQPM area. QQPM students should select two subtests from QQPM plus either Development or Learning Sciences. School students should select Development, Measurement, and Behavioral Learning. Selection of the subtests to be taken should be made by the student in consultation with his/her advisor.

Evaluation decisions with regard to the examination are made on the basis of a uniform percentage criteria. One percentage is based on the total point value of the subtests completed. For example, for a student taking three 50-point subtests his or her percentage score would be based on 150 points. The percentage score necessary for passing is 70% (i.e., 105 points). In addition, the minimum passing percentage of each of the subtests shall be 60%.

The comprehensive examination is only allowed to be taken three times. The soonest time for retaking the exam will be the next regularly scheduled administration. If the passing percentage for the entire examination is less than 70% then the entire comprehensive examination must be retaken. If a satisfactory passing percentage is obtained for the exam, but one or more of the subtests have less than a 60% passing score, only the unsuccessful subtest(s) must be completed again.

Students must contact their advisor prior to the exam and have him or her sign the application form. Click on the link below to view the application form.

To route your form through DocuSign, you will need a Sending License. You can request a no-cost Sending License at this website:

Information has been prepared to assist students in their preparation for the comprehensive examination in the form of learning objectives for the subtests. Click on the appropriate links below to view this information.

Comps will be administered on the FIRST FRIDAY of:

March, June and October.


The exam will begin at 8:30am and end at 12:30pm. The exam will take place on campus (building and room number will be e-mailed to students one week prior to the exam). The use of notes, books, or electronic devices is not allowed.


Registration Deadline Dates are set for the Friday one week prior to the posted dates of the exam.
Please contact Jules Meyers at or call 402-472-2223 if you questions.