The Office of Qualitative and Mixed Methods Research (OQMMR) is an advanced-level research office and service center specializing in the design and implementation of both qualitative research and mixed methods research. Dr. John W. Creswell founded the OQMMR at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2002. The office is currently not accepting projects. For qualitative and mixed methods methods consulting please visit the NEAR Center.

Our Mission Statement

The mission of the OQMMR is to promote and advance understanding of qualitative research and mixed methods research and how these methods can be applied in social, behavioral, and health science research through the scholarly and training activities of affiliated faculty, staff, and graduate student assistants.

What Do We Mean By Qualitative Research and Mixed Methods Research?

Personnel in the OQMMR offer expertise in both qualitative research and mixed methods research.

  • When using the term "qualitative research," we refer to research procedures and approaches that emphasize the collection and analysis of open-ended forms of data such as texts and images generated from interviews, observations, questionnaires,or documents. We work with researchers who utilize qualitative research procedures in conjunction with a wide array of research purposes, methodological approaches (e.g., general thematic approach, grounded theory design, case study design), and philosophical perspectives (e.g., constructivist, post-positivist, inductive, deductive, transformative).
  • When using the term "mixed methods research," we refer to research approaches where the investigator explicitly collects, analyzes, and integrates quantitative and qualitative data and procedures within a single study or program of study. We work with researchers who combine concurrent datasets (e.g., in a convergent design), who build from the results of one type of data to the collection of the other type (e.g., in a sequential exploratory or explanatory design), and who embed one type of data within a design based on the other approach (e.g., when embedding qualitative data within an experimental design).

What Do We Do?

Major activities of the OQMMR personnel include:

  • Providing research design expertise for faculty developing proposals for external funding (see information on Service Center for projects with funding).
  • Serving as methodological consultants for individuals with funded projects.
  • Providing research assistants trained in collecting and analyzing qualitative data within qualitative and mixed methods research studies.
  • Offering workshops on qualitative research and mixed methods research to local, national, and international audiences.
  • Offering training on qualitative data analysis and using qualitative data analysis software such as MAXQDA.
  • Offering training on mixed methods designs and approaches for mixing quantitative and qualitative datasets.
  • Teaching research methods courses offered through the Department of Educational Psychology's QQPM Graduate Program.
  • Offering limited assistance to graduate students conducting master's theses or doctoral dissertations using qualitative or mixed methods designs (see information on Consulting for projects without funding).


John Creswell, Ph.D.
OQMMR Senior Advisor
Professor of Educational Psychology in the Quantitative, Qualitative, and Psychometric Methods (QQPM) program

Affiliated Graduate Students (2011-2012):
Yuchun Zhou is a QQPM doctoral student who began working in the OQMMR in 2010. Her research interests include the adoption of mixed methods research in international contexts, measurement, and child development. She is skilled in qualitative coding techniques and quantitative data analysis including MAXQDA and SPSS software.

Personnel Previously Affiliated with the OQMMR:

  • Vicki L. Plano Clark, Ph.D., Research Associate Professor (2005-2012), OQMMR Director (2008-2012).
  • Manijeh Badiee, Doctoral student in counseling psychology (2008-2010).
  • Sherry Wang, Doctoral student in counseling psychology (2007-2008).
  • Ron J. Shope, Ph.D., (2002-present).
  • Yun Luke Lu, Ph.D., M.D. (TCM), (2002-2008).
  • Nataliya Ivankova, Ph.D., (2002-2004).
  • Shirley Trout, M.Ed., Ph.D., (2002-2005).
  • Rob McEntarffer, M.S., Doctoral student, (2002-2004).
  • Jill Brown, M.S., Doctoral student in developmental psychology,(2004-2005).
  • Mike Wirth, Master's student in cognition, learning and development; research Associate with NHRI (2004-2005).
  • Amanda Garrett, Doctoral student in Quantitative, Qualitative, and Psychometric Methods.
  • Theresa McKinney, Doctoral student in Quantitative, Qualitative, and Psychometric Methods.


Consultants from the OQMMR provide methodological consulting related to qualitative and mixed methods research through the Nebraska Evaluation and Research (NEAR) center.

Who do we provide consulting services for?

  • Faculty and graduate students in College of Education and Human Sciences who are conducting qualitative or mixed methods research studies
  • University research teams across the social and health sciences fields

How to schedule a consulting appointment?

  • Contact the consultants directly through the NEAR Center

Services provided:

  • Advising on the selection of the qualitative or mixed methods design that best fits your research questions
  • Consulting on the design of all stages of the research process (e.g., overall design, protocol development, data collection, data analysis) for research projects utilizing mixed methods or qualitative approaches.
  • Introductory training on the use of qualitative data analysis software (i.e., MAXQDA) for qualitative and mixed methods applications.

Services NOT provided:

  • Developing research questions (you need to know your content area!)
  • Transcribing interviews or typing documents (we can recommend the people who do this type of work)
  • Proofreading manuscripts (we can recommend the people who do this type of work)
  • Helping with class projects


No Fee Charged for:

  • Individual appointments for graduate students and faculty in College of Education and Human Sciences (Each client is limited to one 50-minute session per week)

Fees Charged for:

  • Clients not affiliated with College of Education and Human Sciences.
  • UNL research teams, businesses and organizations that have funded projects (fees will vary depending upon nature, size and funding of the projects – contact the OQMMR director to discuss this possibility).

Contact Us

Questions about the OQMMR and its services should be sent to:

R.J. De Ayala
Phone: 1-402-472-2736

The OQMMR is located in:

213 Henzlik Hall
City campus
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

The mailing address for personnel in the OQMMR is:

114 Teachers College Hall
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Lincoln, NE 68588-0345