Featured Alumni

Joel O. Almeida M.A., Student Affairs, 2015

Best Practices Committee Co-Chair, Colorado Coalition for Educational Advancement of Latinx (CoCEAL)

In comparison to other narratives from folks in other graduate programs, I feel the EDAD department was organized and all the way from interview days, funding for professional development conferences, mandatory case study competitions, were valuable experiences as the skills learned from those experiences have come handy in job interviews and day-to-day work decision making process.  I truly appreciated the flexibility and willingness from EDAD’s Chair for me to be able to shape my experience in the program when it came to course work.

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Joel O. Almeida

Matthew L. Blomstedt PH.D., Educational Leadership & Higher Education, 2013

Commissioner, Nebraska Department of Education
I, like many EDAD students, worked in a full-time capacity during my Ph.D. program.  Admittedly, I took a path to completion that saw me bounce between interests and various positions.

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Matthew L. Blomstedt

Charla Brant Elementary Principal Certification, 2018

Principal, Alcott Elementary School, Hastings, Nebraska
Relationships, leadership, and experience are just the beginning of the many benefits of the UNL Educational Administration program.  The face-to-face classes provide opportunities to build lasting relationships with colleagues as well as relevant-research opportunities to increase school improvement efforts. The professors are experienced instructional leaders willing to provide support during classroom instruction as well as in the field.

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Charla Brant

Crystal E. Garcia PH.D., Educational Leadership & Higher Education, 2014

Assistant Professor, Administration of Higher Education, Auburn University
I completed my Ph.D. in Educational Studies specializing in Educational Leadership and Higher Education. During my time in the program, I served as a Graduate Assistant within the UNL EDAD Department as well as an officer for the EDAD Graduate Student Association. Throughout my experience I received mentoring and support from not only my stellar advisor, but also through a community of scholars that all served to support my growth and development in different ways.

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Crystal E. Garcia

Patricia Gentile EdD, Higher Ed, 2009

President, North Shore Community College, Massachusetts
I enjoyed the doctoral program at UNL in Educational Leadership and Higher Education because it had the academic rigor I was looking for, a welcoming and helpful team of faculty and staff, and an online experience that allowed me to continue working full-time.  My dissertation preparation and committee members were superb and I’ve utilized what I learned in my resulting leadership positions in the community college sector.  My Ed.D. has not only given me entree into a presidential position, it prepared me for the challenges I face on a daily basis.  Thank you, Dr.

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Patricia Gentile

Matt Gotschall PH.D., Educational Administration, Curriculum & Instruction, 2003

President, Central Community College
There is no doubt I would have greatly delayed the obtaining of my Ph.D. were it not for the online option in Educational Administration that led to the completion of my third degree from UNL. The program allowed me to study evenings, weekends and summers while I worked full-time out of state, and my wife and I raised our five daughters. The program was so applicable that I find myself using examples learned in classes on a regular basis.

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Matt Gotschall

Patrick Hunter-Pirtle EdD, Educational Administration (UNL-UNO), 1998

Director of Secondary Education, Lincoln Public School
This is my fortieth year in education. I have three degrees from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. I taught for thirteen years. I was an associate principal in a middle school in Junction City, KS. for two years and for eight years at Lincoln Southeast High School. I was the principal at Lincoln Southeast High School for eleven years, and this is my seventh year as the Director of Secondary Education in the Lincoln Public Schools.

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Patrick Hunter-Pirtle

Terrence S. McTier, Jr. M.A., Student Affairs, 2015

Doctoral Candidate, Educational Policy & Evaluation, Arizona State University
When I started the program as a Black male from Georgia, I was unsure of what to expect from a place like Lincoln, Nebraska. However, I can honestly say attending UNL and participating in the Student Affairs program has been extremely rewarding. In fact, I have to give credit to Dr. Stephanie Bondi who birthed the research idea into me as well as introducing me to the world of social justice, Dr. Corey Rumann who gave me my first research opportunity, and Dr. Elizabeth (Beth) Niehaus who mentally and physically prepared me for my doctoral journey today.

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Terrence S. McTier, Jr.

Chris Stone PH.D., Educational Leadership & Higher Education, 2018

Lieutenant Commander, Africa Exercise Planner, U.S. Naval Forces Europe/Africa, U.S. Sixth Fleet
My progression and tenure throughout my time in the University of Nebraska-Lincoln doctoral program in the Department of Education Administration was both typical and atypical of my peers in the program. Every student within the program applies themselves and works though the challenges of family, careers, and life. Every student while on their own path proceeds in the same general direction with the ultimate destination of degree completion, thanks to the guidance, support, and mentorship of their dedicated advisors and the faculty and staff of the College of Education and Human Sciences.

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Chris Stone