Faculty sponsors have a great responsibility when they take on the challenge of organizing a CEHS Global eXperience trip. There are several steps for creating an effective experience for you and your students. The following will get you started. Also keep in mind the principles established by CEHS for contributing resources to Global X projects.

  1. Identify effective and visionary partner in host country. a. Partner should be a university or other institution with which student, faculty exchanges is a possibility.
  2. Define the contribution the program will make to the department’s curriculum.
  3. Secure department commitment to the program including but not limited to financial and logistical support.
  4. Identify the CEHS leadership for the program including a plan for its continuity. a. More than one faculty, staff member should be involved in planning and/or leading initial program.
  5. Draft an agenda for the program including likely dates, a schedule of activities, a tentative budget optimally eighteen months prior to trip.
  6. Complete a program proposal for the Education Abroad offices.
  7. Submit proposal to department chair and clarify what the department’s fiscal and curricular commitment to the course will be. a. Identify a Go-No go date in collaboration with global exchange coordinator and department chair.
  8. Engage the whole department in marketing program.
  9. Finalize budget and secure written agreements and invoices with assistance from Education Abroad offices.
  10. Set dates and times for pre-departure preparation meetings with students to discuss curriculum and logistics. For more information, contact Paul Springer, CEHS associate dean for student success, pspringer3@unl.edu or 402-472-1656.