Student International Advisory Committee

STUDENT INTERNATIONAL ADVISORY COMMITTEE Encouraging intercultural involvement and global engagement for the students in the College of Education and Human Sciences

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Our Mission

The Student International Advisory Committee are content specialists in CEHS international affairs. Through student outreach we work to increase the awareness of multicultural engagement in CEHS. As servant liaisons, we represent student voices for global planning in CEHS administration.

Meet the Committee

Nguyet Do

Nguyet Do


Hometown: Hanoi, Vietnam

Places Visited: China

Desired Places to Vist: France, Canada, Korea

Skill/Trait Worth Learning: Emotion control

Natalie Hansen

Natalie Hansen


Hometown: Lincoln, NE

Places Visited: Japan, Canada, Mexico, The Dominican Republic, Jamaica

Desired Places to Vist: South Korea, Morocco, South America

Skill/Trait Worth Learning: Open-mindedness

Hayden Ullmann

Hayden Ullmann


Hometown: Fort Worth, Texas

Places Visited: Spain, Canada, Mexico, the Dominican Republic

Desired Places to Vist: Antarctica and New Zealand

Skill/Trait Worth Learning: Listening

Sydney Klootwyk

Sydney Klootwyk


Hometown: Elkhorn, NE

Places Visited: Costa Rica

Desired Places to Vist: France, Italy, Anywhere in the world!

Skill/Trait Worth Learning: Leadership

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Jim Benes

Jim BenesGlobal Exchange Coordinator

Full Jim Benes bio

Cherish Perkins

Cherish PerkinsCreative Assistant