Student International Advisory Committee

STUDENT INTERNATIONAL ADVISORY COMMITTEE Encouraging intercultural involvement and global engagement for the students in the College of Education and Human Sciences

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Introducing the 2019-2020 Student International Advisory Committee: From left, back row standing: Jim Benes, global exchange coordinator, Sydney Long, Jacy Duren, May Teoh, Nate Heimann, Sophia Genova, Lakin MacGregor, Trent Smith. From left, front row seated: Alex Baker, Brenna Schmader, Sydney Klootwyk, Taylor Baldwin, Jade Virdi. Not pictured: Erin Wolf, Jackie Petersen, Ashlynn Arndt.

Our Mission

The Student International Advisory Committee are content specialists in CEHS international affairs. Through student outreach we work to increase the awareness of multicultural engagement in CEHS. As servant liaisons, we represent student voices for global planning in CEHS administration.

Meet the Committee

Alex Baker


Phone: (651)955-3665

Hometown: Apple Valley, Minnesota

Places Visited: France

Desired Places to Vist: More time in France

Skill/Trait Worth Learning: Empathy

"Spending time in other cultures, learning about other ways of life besides your own is invaluable when it comes to forming the capacity to be empathetic to other people’s backgrounds, ways of life and experiences."

Ashlynn Arndt


Phone: (402)604-1896

Hometown: Hampton, Nebraska

Desired Places to Vist: Costa Rica

Skill/Trait Worth Learning: Friendship and learning new skills

Brenna Schmader


Phone: (402)578-8784

Hometown: Bellevue, Nebraska

Places Visited: Tokyo, Japan Summer 2018

Skill/Trait Worth Learning: Open and Effective Communication

"There are a plethora of benefits to international travel which help develop an individual’s intrapersonal, interpersonal, and environmental skills in the realms of communication, education, and adaption to supplement academic, work-related, and personal aspects of life."

Chin May Teoh


Phone: (402) 805 9266

Hometown: Penang, Malaysia

Desired Places to Vist: Brazil, Egypt

Skill/Trait Worth Learning: Fast-learner

Erin Kelly


Hometown: Fairfax, Virginia; I moved a lot in my childhood because my dad is a Marine

Places Studied: Berlin, Germany Summer 2019

Skill/Trait Worth Learning: Generosity

Erin Wolf


Hometown: Omaha, Nebraska

Jackie Petersen


Hometown: Omaha, Nebraska

Places Visited: Costa Rica, Kenya

Desired Places to Vist: Brazil, South Africa or back to Costa Rica

Skill/Trait Worth Learning: Compassion and Empathy

Jacy Duren


Hometown: Lincoln, Nebraska

Places Studied: India x 3

Places Visited: Europe

Desired Places to Vist: Central America or Africa

Skill/Trait Worth Learning: Acceptance

Jade Virdi


Hometown: Chicago (Elmhurst), Illinois

Places Visited: London, Greece, and Wales

Desired Places to Vist: Australia

Skill/Trait Worth Learning: Creativity

Lakin MacGregor


Hometown: Lincoln, Nebraska

Places Studied: Italy May 2019

Places Visited: Mexico, Spain, Belgium, Czech Republic, Poland, England, Netherlands

Desired Places to Vist: Every continent, but specifically Japan and Switzerland

Skill/Trait Worth Learning: Mindfulness

Nate Heimann


Hometown: Elkhorn, Nebraska

Places Visited: Spain and France Summer 2019

Skill/Trait Worth Learning: Manners

Sophia Genova


Hometown: Kansas City, Missouri

Places Visited: Honduras x 3

Desired Places to Vist: Anywhere in the world

Skill/Trait Worth Learning: Failing

Sydney Klootwyk


Hometown: Elkhorn, NE

Sydney Long


Hometown: Lincoln, Nebraska

Places Studied: Dubai & Oman, Australia, and Greece

Desired Places to Vist: Spain or London

Skill/Trait Worth Learning: Friendship

Taylor Baldwin


Hometown: Saint Joseph, MO

Places Studied: India 2017, India 2018

Places Visited: Morocco, Spain, France, Italy

Desired Places to Vist: Jordan and Vietnam

Skill/Trait Worth Learning: Connection

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Jim Benes

Jim BenesGlobal Exchange Coordinator

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