CEHS is serious about making opportunities available for students to experience education abroad. To help you get out there, the Ready/Set/Go seminar will prepare you and provide a $1,000 scholarship to support your CEHS global experience.

The enrollment for Ready/Set/Go spring 2020 is now closed. Check back on this website to enroll in the fall 2020 seminar. The enrollment period for the fall 2020 seminar is from April 15th – 22nd , 2020.

Ready/Set/Go session

To receive the scholarship, all you have to do is attend the Ready/Set/Go seminar. It’s a six-week class that helps you prepare and plan for travel abroad. It also gets you plugged into additional resources to make your trip a successful and rewarding experience.

Ready/Set/Go is held in both the fall and spring semester, but availability is limited. Please contact Global Exchange Coordinator Jim Benes, for details at jbenes@unl.edu (402-472-8397)

Ready/Set/Go Itinerary


  • How to use the scholarship
  • What education abroad programs are available
  • Additional resources
  • General travel awareness
  • Preparing to go


  • Non-verbal communication
  • Language barriers


Food Etiquette

  • Trying new foods
  • Eating practices
  • Supermarket navigation



  • Public transportation
  • Digital resources
  • Maps


  • Maximizing your smart phone photos and videos
  • Ethics of photography and video