CEHS is serious about providing opportunities for students to experience education abroad. To help get you out there, the Ready, Set, Go! program will provide a $1,000 scholarship to support your CEHS Global eXperience.

Ready, Set, Go! session

To receive the scholarship, all you have to do is attend the Ready, Set, Go! seminar. It’s a six-week class that helps you prepare and plan for travel abroad. It also gets you plugged into additional resources to make your trip a successful and rewarding experience.

Ready, Set, Go! is held in both the fall and spring semester, but availability is limited. Please contact Global Exchange Coordinator Jim Benes, for details at jbenes@unl.edu (402-472-8397)

Ready, Set, Go! Itinerary


  • How to use the scholarship
  • What education abroad programs are available
  • Additional resources
  • General travel awareness
  • Preparing to go


  • Non-verbal communication
  • Language barriers


Food Etiquette

  • Trying new foods
  • Eating practices
  • Supermarket navigation



  • Public transportation
  • Digital resources
  • Maps


  • Maximizing your smart phone photos and videos
  • Ethics of photography and video