Why should I study abroad?

Choosing to study abroad is becoming an increasingly popular option for university students. It is starting to be recognized as an integral part of a student's education which helps to facilitate cultural awareness, intercultural communication, awareness of global issues, versatility, and adaptability. Employers are also more frequently looking for employees who have travelled, studied and worked internationally thereby proving their ability to function in an increasingly globalized and interconnected world.

Who can study abroad?

Education abroad programs are open to any student who is currently in good academic standing within their department. Some programs may vary as to level of GPA one must have before being accepted into a specific program. It is best to refer to faculty members involved in programs of interest.

When can I study abroad?

Abroad programs are available throughout the year. Faculty led programs are frequently held during the winter or summer breaks or the weeklong spring break period. Other programs which span a full term or year often occur at similar periods of time to the U.S. educational timeframe. 

Where can I study abroad?

There are a vast number of abroad programs which are available to students. Choices range from faculty led programs where you can choose to go abroad with one of your favorite professors and involve yourself in a program of interest in a country of your choosing. If the programs which are available through the university don't exactly fit what you are looking for, we provide numerous opportunities with partner universities and organizations around the United States and abroad which may be the best fit for what you are looking for. Go to other abroad opportunities for more information about programs offered. 

Why should I study abroad?

Going overseas to study is becoming an increasingly expected part of a student's university experience. Living and studying abroad provides you the opportunity to gain a perspective which cannot be gained from your home country and allows you to put yourself into an environment which expands and enhances your worldview and global perspective. Employers are increasingly looking for prospective applicants who possess overseas experience and have proven that they can stand up to the challenges of living and working in an increasingly globalized world. Other benefits include learning a language first-hand, immersing yourself in a completely different culture, and opportunities to travel parts of the globe you may have never expected. Why would you not study abroad!?

Are there scholarships available for study abroad?

Numerous scholarships are available which can help ease some of the costs of studying abroad. Students are eligible to apply for multiple scholarships which can be combined to make a bigger impact on financing your overseas studies. Read more about Education Abroad scholarships.

What types of programs are offered at Nebraska?

Numerous programs are offered. Some of the most popular programs are offered by your professors here in CEHS. Others allow you to study independently through third party organizations or at partner universities.

Can I study abroad and graduate on time?

The answer to this question is “Yes,” but it is best to consult with your advisors first so that you can be sure to choose the program that best fits your needs while still being able to graduate within four years. You are also able to earn credits which count toward graduation for most of the education abroad courses we have offered. Contact your advisor now to see what options are available.