eWorkshops for:

All eWorkshops are about improving teaching and learning for bi/multilingual students across K-12 grade levels and classroom contexts. They were developed for professional learning communities of educators to engage in collaboratively and typically are ideal for groups of 3-10 educators interested in learning together. Our eWorkshops are available free of cost via the Canvas platform and are suitable for K-12 educators across content areas. We  have some eWorkshops specifically developed (or in the process of being developed) for educators working in specific content areas or specialties.

Each eWorkshop is divided into six units, and each unit takes about three hours to complete. eWorkshop participants may start and end their eWorkshop on any date of their choosing. eWorkshop participants collaborate to select the eWorkshop they would like to take and plan the timeline and approach for their participation. Participants may engage all online or via F2F or hybrid approaches. Participants who complete an eWorkshop may request documentation of 18 hours of professional development participation via a completion certificate. If participants wish to earn graduate level credit for their work in the eWorkshop, after eWorkshop completion participants may enroll in and complete an online course at the University of Nebraska Lincoln to engage in ~20 more hours of work to earn one graduate level credit. The cost of participating in this course is not covered by ICMEE. This option will be available starting Spring 2018. Anyone interested in this option, please contact Kara Viesca at kara.viesca@unl.edu. More details regarding cost for the course and how to register are forthcoming.  The eWorkshops are developed around an essential questions for the whole eWorkshop and guiding questions for each unit. Within each unit, a three-part learning cycle is utilized where eWorkshop participants first Explore new content and ideas then choose an option to Make It Work in their own practice. Finally, participants Share their learning with their eWorkshop colleagues. To date, eWorkshop participants and their supervisors have reported positive impacts on teacher learning and practice due to eWorkshop participation. To learn more about the project or to sign up for an eWorkshop, please contact us

“Largely I found inspiration and encouragement that we could see success with student learning in mathematics. There is a great deal of pressure to deliver common core standards in a timely fashion, with our population of students this can be a daunting task. I found it encouraging that we saw success with the make it work lessons despite the additional time burden.” (eWorkshop Completer)