What is an eWorkshop?

Our eWorkshops are innovative online multi-media resources available to professional learning communities of educators as well as individuals who wish to inquire into and improve their practice with multilingual learners. Our eWorkshops follow a 3-part learning cycle that is repeated across 6 units of study.  Each unit of study takes about 3 hours to complete. Our 3-part learning cycle includes:

Part 1: Explore

In Explore, participants engage with interesting content (videos, multimedia resources, concise readings) to explore new ideas related to the topic of the eWorkshop.

Part 2: Make it Work

In Make it Work, participants are given multiple options to choose from with ideas of how to take the new learning from Explore and put it into practice. One of the options is always “You Make it Work,” where participants can create their own option or tweak the ones we have provided to ensure their work is meaningful and practical for their local context.

Part 3: Share

In Share, participants upload materials and reflections from their Make it Work efforts to discuss the opportunities, experiences, challenges, successes, etc. that they encountered.

Upon the successful conclusion of participation in an eWorkshop, participants can request a certificate of completion documenting 18 hours of professional development that can be used with school districts and state education departments (we are a registered IHE PD Provider in Massachusetts). We are offering a structured session to take our eWorkshops during the Spring of 2023 (From January 3rd - March 25th) with additional learning hours possible via synchronous online zoom meetings with Dr. Kara Mitchell Viesca. Therefore, during this session, eWorkshops can be taken for the 18 hours of professional development with an additional 9 hours of optional professional learning with Dr. Viesca.

eWorkshops Available:

These eWorkshops were developed across 10 years of grant funding. We no longer have grant funding to offer the eWorkshops for free and only have the capacity to offer them currently at arranged sessions (like the upcoming Spring 2023 session). During the Spring 2023 session, all currently available eWorkshops that are not being offered through the WIDA consortium are available for participants to complete.

Our eWorkshops focus on equitable approaches and teaching language skills in varying classroom contexts by featuring methods for scaffolding writing, oral language, and effectively teaching concepts to multilingual students. While we welcome anyone to take all of our eWorkshops, some of our content is targeted to more specific professionals.  Please follow our recommendations listed after each eWorkshop for guidance.  To learn more click on the eWorkshop(s) in which you are interested below to be directed to a flyer with more detailed information.

All eWorkshops are about improving teaching and learning for multilingual students across K-12 grade levels and classroom contexts. They were developed for individuals and professional learning communities of educators to engage in and typically are ideal for groups of 3-10 educators interested in learning together. Our eWorkshops are available via the Canvas platform and are suitable for K-12 educators across content areas. We  have some eWorkshops specifically developed for educators working in specific content areas (e.g., math, science, social studies, etc.) or specialties (with deaf students, school leaders, school psychologists). 

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