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Future Ready Nebraska Conference, June 15th & 16th, 2020!Preparing Students for Success

Future Ready Conference is led by Avey Dorann from NDE, which happens in Lincoln in the summer. We would like to offer sessions on higher education and we are looking for faculty from UNL, UNK and UNO willing to present on topics related to teaching and learning, or education in general. This is a quick heads up and the call for proposals should be coming out in February through March. I hope you or your faculty will be interested in presenting.

Tech EDGE Kearney, February 8, 2020Innovation, Technology and Computer Science in Education

Computer Science Education (CSEd) will be the hot topic of this conference. The conference is FREE and open to all educators, but registration is required. Register for the conference through the conference website by February 3rd! There will be lots of hands-on and information sessions.

Tech EDGE Lincoln, October 19, 2019Innovative Teachers Unconference

Come ready to participate with Microbits projects as you consider how coding can be integrated into your curriculum. Meet educators who are implementing innovative practices in their schools and learn how they did it. Learn more about UNL’s Innovative Educator Workshops you may want to join next summer. And have conversations around topics you would like to consider in your own school. Our mission is to prepare educators who are effective and confident facilitating learning in innovative settings. School leaders have indicated a challenge in finding and retaining educators who can be effective teaching in innovative environments, whether it is project-based learning, virtual, hybrid, outdoor, or international. Traditional teacher education programs are not necessarily providing the skills and dispositions needed for teachers to be impactful in innovative learning settings. The Think Tank will help inspire a program that will support innovative schools by providing teachers who can facilitate learning in a variety of settings using inquiry, creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration. Our goal is to supplement traditional teacher education with the skills and dispositions that will create educators who can be consistently successful in innovative settings.

Tech EDGE Kearney, February 9, 2019Innovation, Technology and Computer Science in Education

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Tech EDGE Kearney, February 25, 201721st Century Education: Digital Tools Advancing Teaching and Learning

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Tech EDGE Aurora, November 2, 2016INNOVATION IN PRACTICE

The conference was aimed at teachers and preservice teachers who are interested in learning new ways to use technology in the 1:1 classroom to improve practice and make their students 21st-century learners. In the conference, we attended actual classes where classroom teachers are integrating technology with their students in real time gaining teaching ideas and strategies for using iPads and Chromebooks in a 1:1 environment from experienced teachers. We closed with a collaboration session to debrief with  teachers and a keynote by Kayla Delzel.

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The conference was aimed at teachers and preservice teachers who are interested in learning new ways to use technology in the classroom to improve practice and make their students 21st-century learners. Classroom teachers and technology specialists offered workshops including first-hand accounts of technology integration with students, teaching ideas, technical supports, as well as hands-on practice with tech tools. We closed with a collaborative session to imagine our future classrooms and how we can get there.

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Tech EDGE Kearney, September 24, 2016

Detailed information about the Tech EDGE conference including schedule speakers and sessions is available on the conference web site.;

Tech EDGE 16, August 19, 2015Teacher Ed in the 21st Century

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