Equity in AP CS Principles Program

To Help Administrators & Counselors Implement AP CS Principles Successfully Equity
in AP CS Principles Program

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Information Session in December!

Teaching Computer Science - Admin Session

  • Schedule

    Date: Wednesday, December 14, 2022
    Time: 10-11 am & 5:30-6:30 pm CT (Please attend whichever works for you.)
    Session content: Information Session
    Location: Virtual (ZOOM)
    Registration: Please register for the session you plan to attend through the link below.
    10:00-11:00 am Session 5:30-6:30 pm Session
  • Goals

    • To learn what the AP CS Principles course entails and the resources available for schools to implement the program with their students.
    • To see who is in the room along with the missions of both and the Regional Partner.
    • To learn why it is important for all students to have the opportunity to learn CS.
    • To learn about the teacher training opportunities in the region.
  • At a Glance

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  • 5 Steps to Bring AP CSP to Your School

    The process for bringing computer science to your school or district will vary. We recommend building these 5 steps into your implementation plan.

    • Step 1: Allocate funding
    • Step 2: Make computer science count
    • Step 3: Add CS Principles to the school schedule
    • Step 4: Select and prepare a teacher
    • Step 5: Spread the word

Administrator & Counselor Workshops

  • Will Address These Questions

    Our administrator and counselor workshops will help you answer questions such as:

    STEP 1: Funding
    • How much does it cost to offer AP CS Principles with the curriculum?
    • What technology infrastructure will I need to run the class?
    • How much does it cost to train a teacher?
    • How can I afford to add another discipline and pay for an employee?
    STEP 2: Making computer science courses count
    • Is’s AP CS Principles course aligned to any standards?
    • Does computer science count toward a graduation requirement in my state?
    • What course code should I use for AP CS Principles?
    • How can students earn college credit for taking AP CS Principles?
    STEP 3: Add CS Principles to the school schedule
    • How much time should be allocated for the CS Principles class?
    • Can AP CS Principles be taught as a semester course?
    STEP 4: Select and prepare a teacher
    • Who should I hire to teach AP CS Principles?
    • What qualifications or certifications does a teacher need to teach AP CS Principles?
    • What training will my teacher need?
    • How do I get my teacher enrolled in the Professional Learning Program?
    STEP 5: Spread the word
    • Where can I find recruitment resources?

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