UltraFocus DXA in vivo Imaging and Body Composition Analysis

UltraFocusDXA is a fully shielded x-ray cabinet designed for ultra high-resolution imaging and dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry (DXA) analysis.

Ultra High-Resolution Imaging
The 10 x 15cm 48μm CMOS detector is mounted in a moveable shelf for both DXA analysis and ultra high-resolution imaging. UltraFocusDXA replaces obsolete DXA units and older imaging cabinets with a single, modern, high performance, high throughput system.
Automatic DXA Analysis
In DXA mode, the system automatically calculates bone mineral density (BMD), bone mineral content (BMC), and body composition in under 3 minutes. Both whole body and region of interest (ROI) data can be selected, and separate bone, lean and fat tissue maps are presented to simplify ROI analysis.
Automatic Calibration
UltraFocusDXA quickly and automatically calibrates on a daily basis, utilizing our proprietary dynamic calibration routine to ensure reproducibility of results. The preprogrammed DXA scan is initiated with a single clickor push of a button.
Self-Contained and Safe
UltraFocusDXA is fully shielded and exceeds FDA radiation safety standards. It is self-contained with no additional x-ray shielding required; simply plug into any standard A/C outlet. The unit is also NRTL Certified by Intertek for Electrical Safety.
Accurate Positioning and Measurement
A laser centering guide and viewing window ensure simple and proper sample positioning. The magnification shelf with field of view guides and automatic positiondetection provide accurate measurements at any level.
Compact and Convenient
UltraFocusDXA was designed with a manageable footprint for the lab or the barrier facility. Its stainless steel inner chamber allows for easy cleaning and the access port provides a safe method for inserting anesthesia hoses into the chamber for longitudinal studies.
Easy to Use
Operator instructions are available with the equipment and an initial demonstration is required before operating the UltraFocusDXA.

All users have to be trained before operating the instrument. A document has to be signed by both trainee and instructor. Documentation of the initial training will be on file at EHS. Annual refresher training may be required. 

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