Ambassador scholarship available for CYAF study abroad students

Ambassador scholarship available for CYAF study abroad students

27 Sep 2022    

The CYAF Ambassador Scholarship is available for students going on a CYAF-sponsored study abroad trip.

The CYAF Ambassador Scholarship is designed to encourage CYAF student participation in CYAF-sponsored short term study abroad by reducing the financial burden of the trip. This is a scholarship of up to $1,000.

Students receiving this scholarship will be an ambassador and advocate for the study abroad program. After completing the study abroad, students will be expected to work with the CYAF department to promote study abroad opportunities. This includes talking about their experiences in classes and in other interactions with students, and possible presentations.

To be eligible, a student must be a declared CYAF major in good standing in an undergraduate or graduate program, have at least one semester of coursework remaining after the study abroad concludes prior to graduation, have been enrolled in and made the first payment toward a CYAF-sponsored study abroad, and have not received a CYAF Ambassador Scholarship before, and a completed scholarship application.

Application requirements include:

  • Letter of recommendation for the scholarship by a CYAF faculty member. Letter should address the qualities the applicant possesses that makes them a good fit for the scholarship. Faculty must submit letter of recommendation to Dr. Merten at
  • Statement (no more than one page) explaining your reasons for wanting to study abroad, the relationship of the program to your course of study or future plans, and your financial need for this award.

To apply for the CYAF Ambassador Scholarship, click here.

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