Meet a Husker: Emma Lindsey

Emma Lindsey professional portrait photo in hallway full of windows

Meet a Husker: Emma Lindsey

20 May 2024    

Meet Emma Lindsey, a junior from St. Paul, Minnesota, who is majoring in inclusive early childhood education. 

Why did you choose the University of Nebraska-Lincoln?

I chose UNL because of the many resources available to me here, but largely because my mom is both a professor and an alumna here. In my lifetime, I have seen everything that her education and drive has done for her! UNL offers me various opportunities and communities that I am so grateful for.

What activities and organizations are you involved in on campus?

ASUN, Teacher Scholars Academy, DEI committee. I am also working on changing campus for the better for my fellow transfer/"non-traditional" folks!

I've been involved in the past as an At-Large Senator in ASUN and DEI committee member. I was recently elected (thank you for voting!!) as a CEHS Senator for the upcoming school year. I am proudly part of Teacher Scholars Academy and Tau Sigma. Lastly, I am working hard on creating a community for my fellow transfer and non-traditional students!

What has been your favorite class so far and why?

I think my favorite class I've taken thus far is Social-Emotional Development with professor Jay Joo. I loved learning more about my favorite developmental domain and how to support some of our youngest learners in this important learning. I enjoy working with children regarding their mental wellness, their self-regulation, and in teaching the skills that will be endlessly useful to them. With what I learned in this class, I am better able to support my future students and the children who are already in my life.

What are your career goals?

I plan to work primarily with preschool to 1st grade. I have recently considered the idea of opening my own preschool at some point too! Truthfully, many parts of the education field interest me. I hope to one day explore teaching secondary English or college classes, working as a principal, or school counseling work. I’m excited to follow where life takes me and what opportunities come to fruition! My overarching objective in my career is to make a positive impact on children's lives, providing them with the support and care they need to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.

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