Lisa King retires from Department of Child, Youth and Family Studies

Lisa King professional portrait

Lisa King retires from Department of Child, Youth and Family Studies

30 Apr 2024     By Lauren Hargreaves, Child, Youth and Family Studies

After more than 20 years at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lisa King, a project associate within the Department of Child, Youth and Family Studies (CYAF), is retiring. Known for her dedication to graduate programs and her pivotal role as the campus coordinator for several online IDEA programs, King leaves a legacy of commitment and advocacy for students and faculty.  

King graduated with her bachelor’s degree in early childhood development and elementary education from UNL in 1976 and has enjoyed giving back to her alma mater since then.

“My life has centered around education,” King said. “My first school was a one-room schoolhouse near Syracuse, Nebraska, and at one time I taught in a two-room schoolhouse just outside of Gillette, Wyoming. When my family moved to Lincoln, I attended Pound Jr. High (as it was called at that time). Just a few years ago my university office was located in Louise Pound Hall.” 

King’s contributions have resonated deeply within the community, notably through her extensive involvement with the University of Nebraska Office Professionals Association (UNOPA). She earned multiple accolades such as the UNOPA Floyd S. Oldt Silver Pen Award in 2010, the UNOPA Rose Frolik Award in 2012, and most recently the UNOPA Floyd S. Oldt Outstanding Staff Award in 2022. 

“Lisa has been a supportive and helpful presence in CYAF for almost 25 years,” CYAF Department Chair Michael Merten said. “She has been instrumental in maintaining relationships with faculty, staff, and students at UNL and beyond, while helping countless students to navigate the completion of their degree requirements. Lisa will be missed!” 

As she transitions into retirement, King looks forward to dedicating more time to her passions outside of academia but assures that her connection with the university will continue. 

“My time at the University of Nebraska has been busy, exciting, and educational. I hope yours is the same.”  

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