McConnell receives Floyd S. Oldt Silver Pen Award

Lisa McConnell wins award

McConnell receives Floyd S. Oldt Silver Pen Award

14 Nov 2018     By Catia Guerrero

Lisa McConnell, Office Assistant at the Department of Child, Youth and Family Studies, received the Floyd S. Oldt Silver Pen Award from the University of Nebraska Office Professionals Association, UNOPA. 

Her nominator said that McConnell is always looking out for everyone else, saying, "Lisa is not the kind that waits to be asked for help, instead of office help when needed right away."  Another nominator wrote, "Lisa performs beyond expectation in the way that she consistently completing her work, along with an eagerness to learn new thing.  She doesn't simply greet people as they enter the office; during her time here she has become an expert on travel arrangements, purchasing textbook orders, and anything else that comes along."

 McConnell is always willing to learn something new, and likes to take on new challenges.  She engages in professional development through participation in UNOPA. She is very collegial and supportive of other staff members and faculty members. 

 “It is a pleasure to work with Lisa McConnell, and there is no a more deserving person for this award” wrote her nominator.

 Congratulations, Lisa!

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