Publication of Dissertation

Under the present plan for publication, the entire dissertation, including the names of the committee members, will be microfilmed exactly as approved by the committee and submitted. Copies of these microfilms are procurable by anyone. There will be no opportunity for editorial or other changes in the manuscript after it has been submitted. One copy of the Doctoral dissertation will be sent by Love Library to University Microfilms for the production of the master negative that will be placed on deposit there for storage and servicing. The dissertation manuscript will be returned to the Library. University Microfilms will produce positives to order at the standard rate.

The positives will be available on order to any applicant. UMI will also deposit one positive print in the Library of Congress.

The abstract will be published in Dissertation Abstracts International. This publication is available in Love Library and includes a cumulative index by author and subject. The two typewritten copies of the dissertation remain in Love Library; one is kept in storage and the other is available for public use through InterLibrary Loan.