All Ph.D. students participate in an annual review process to ensure they and their Supervisory Committee remain informed about their progress in the program. The Graduate Coordinator will send a reminder email containing the Annual Review form to each student and his/her faculty mentor before the conclusion of each spring semester. The mentor as Supervisory Committee Chair should review the student's drafted Annual Review and meet with the student to discuss the student's written reflections on the past year and thoughts for the upcoming year in the Ph.D. program. The mentor and student should discuss progress, strengths, and any shortcomings over the past year and agree to short-term objectives for the next year. The Committee Chair then adds his/her own comments in the appropriate section to summarize the discussion and his/her views and recommendations for the student's next year of study. Once both parties have signed the Annual Review, a copy is provided to the student, and the original is submitted to the Department Graduate Coordinator by April 1 each year. Copies of the Annual Review may be shared with Supervisory Committee members.

Members of the SECD Executive Graduate Governance Committee will meet to review the Ph.D. Annual Reviews each spring, and make recommendations to the Department Chair regarding each student's adequate progress and eligibility for Barkley Doctoral Scholar positions in the subsequent academic year. Failure to submit an Annual Review by the established deadline could result in lack of funding for the student.