Course Sequence - Deaf Education

-Applicants with a bachelor's degree must apply for the master's degree to complete the endorsement.
-Applicants seeking professional development only may apply for the graduate certificate in sensory disabilities.
-Applicants with a master's degree in a field of education may apply for the graduate certificate, then complete the endorsement coursework.
*All courses listed below are three credit hours, unless noted.

General Special Education (master's deficiencies, endorsement core requirements M.Ed. or M.A. Endorsement Graduate Certificate
SPED 212 or equivalent: Special Education Assessment X X
SPED 454 or equivalent: Behavior Management (ABA) X X
SPED 414 or equivalent: Special Education Methods X X
SPED 201 or equivalent: Intro to Exceptional Children X X X

Deaf Education-specific content M.Ed. or M.A. Endorsement Graduate Certificate
SPED 872 or 472: Psychology and Sociology of Deafness X X X
SPED 874: Language Arts and Literacy for the Deaf (with writing/ESL) X X
SPED 873: Content Methods for the Deaf X X X
SPED/SLPA 884: Speech and Language of the Deaf (oral methods) X X
SLPA 850: Audiology for Teachers X X
SPED 876: Normal Language Development X X
SPED 960: Family and School Collaboration X X X
SPED 875: Itinerant Teaching and Consultation X X
SPED 896D: Directed Field Experience (150 contact hours) X
SPED 897D: Practicum (250 contact hours) X
Language of Instruction Proficiency (ASL, MCE) X
SPED 846: Foundations of Visual Impairment X X
SLPA/SPED 956: Issues in Language-Linguistics/Interpreting X
Elective or Thesis X
Introduction to Research X