Kim Ellicott M.S., Speech-Language Pathology, 2014

Speech Language Pathologist - Johnson County Central Public School, Tecumseh, NE
I work with children ages two to 21 with speech and language disorders. A majority of my time is focused on articulation and pragmatics. I make home visits and coach families for early childhood intervention. I am also an assistant high school volleyball coach.

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Kim Ellicott

Tabitha Hill M.S., Speech-Language Pathology, 2014

Speech Language Pathologist, Lincoln Public Schools
I provide speech-language support to kindergarten through fifth grade students with a variety of communication needs, including articulation, language, literacy, social and fluency impairments, as well as students requiring augmentative and alternative communication. Responsibilities include providing interventions, completing assessments, writing reports, monitoring progress, communicating with parents and teachers, and leading meetings.

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Tabitha Hill

Bridget Hoxmeier B.S., Elementary Education/Special Education - Mild/Moderate Disabilities (K-6), 2013

3rd Grade Teacher, Southern Valley Schools, Oxford, NE

I wanted to inform you that I accepted a 3rd grade teaching position at Southern Valley Elementary School for next year! Southern Valley is a consolidated school near Orleans, NE where I now live. When I spoke with the superintendent and principal the day they offered me the job, they said that they had over 25 applicants for two elementary position openings at the school. They had a wide variety of people apply from several people who just graduated college, a few who have been teaching for a couple years already, and some who had been teaching for 10+ years.

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Bridget Hoxmeier
Bridget Hoxmeier

Matt McNiff Special Education, 2015 (Ph.D.), 2004 (M.A.)

Behavior Consultant, Educational Service Unit #5, Beatrice, Nebraska

For the past 10 years, Matt McNiff has served as the behavior consultant at ESU #5 in Beatrice, Nebraska. There, he works with nine school districts in three counties, helping teachers and administrators develop programming for students with behavior concerns.

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Matt McNiff
Matt McNiff

Austin Oder Rosner Ph.D., Human Sciences with emphasis in Communication Disorders, 2016

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Mother Infant Research Institute, Tufts Medical Center, Boston, Massachussetts
Austin Oder Rosner’s journey to earning her doctorate at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln began in a somewhat unlikely place – a neuroscience course she took as a first-year graduate student at the University of Kansas. But it was in that course taught by Steven Barlow where she learned about the developing brain and the effects of preterm birth on normal developmental processes.

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Austin Oder Rosner

Anusha Thomas Ph.D., Communication Disorders, 2013

Visiting Scholar, Speech Disorders and Technology Lab, University of Texas-Dallas
I grew up in the Middle East (Bahrain) and did my bachelor's and masters in Manipal University, India. Working in a hospital setup and being part of outreach programs made me realize there is a need for better technology for measuring speech movements in the field of Communication Disorders. I was interested in the research done by Dr. Jordan Green, a former faculty at SECD and thus, applied for the doctoral program. The Barkley Trust scholarship funded my tuition and stipend for four years of my program.

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Anusha Thomas