Steven Barlow

Steven Barlow Corwin Moore Professor

Full Steven Barlow bio
Katie Brennan

Katie Brennan Lecturer

Full Katie Brennan bio
Marc Brennan

Marc Brennan Assistant Professor

Full Marc Brennan bio
Eric Caruso

Eric Caruso Assistant Professor of Practice

Full Eric Caruso bio
Cynthia Cress

Cynthia Cress Associate Professor

Full Cynthia Cress bio
Alicia Davis

Alicia Davis Lecturer

Full Alicia Davis bio
Angela Dietsch

Angela Dietsch Assistant Professor

Full Angela Dietsch bio
Beth Dinneen

Beth Dinneen Lecturer

Full Beth Dinneen bio
Hannah Ditmars

Hannah Ditmars Assistant Professor of Practice

Full Hannah Ditmars bio
Kristin Duppong Hurley

Kristin Duppong Hurley Research Professor

Full Kristin Duppong Hurley bio
Marc Goodrich

Marc Goodrich Assistant Professor

Full Marc Goodrich bio
Judy Harvey

Judy Harvey Assistant Professor of Practice

Full Judy Harvey bio
Michael Hebert

Michael Hebert Associate Professor

Full Michael Hebert bio
Johanna Higgins

Johanna Higgins Assistant Professor of Practice

Full Johanna Higgins bio
Michelle Hughes

Michelle Hughes Associate Professor

Full Michelle Hughes bio
Jacqueline Huscroft-D'Angelo

Jacqueline Huscroft-D'Angelo Research Associate Professor

Full Jacqueline Huscroft-D'Angelo bio
Sherri Jones

Sherri Jones Dean and Professor

Full Sherri Jones bio
Sue Kemp

Sue Kemp Professor of Practice

Full Sue Kemp bio
Jessie Kohn

Jessie Kohn Lecturer

Full Jessie Kohn bio
Matt Lambert

Matthew Lambert Associate Professor

Full Matthew Lambert bio
Lisa Lenz

Lisa Lenz Lecturer, SLP Externship Coordinator

Full Lisa Lenz bio
Susan Loveall-Hague

Susan Loveall Assistant Professor

Full Susan Loveall bio
John Maag

John Maag Professor

Full John Maag bio
Jessica Namkung

Jessica Namkung Assistant Professor

Full Jessica Namkung bio
J. Ron Nelson

J. Ron Nelson Interim Department Chair, Larry & Sharon Roos Family Professor of Special Education

Full J. Ron Nelson bio
Abby Pelster

Abby Pelster Lecturer

Full Abby Pelster bio
Adrienne Pitt

Adrienne Pitt Lecturer

Full Adrienne Pitt bio
Kevin Pitt

Kevin Pitt Assistant Professor

Full Kevin Pitt bio
Kelly Pritchett

Kelly Pritchett Associate Professor of Practice, AUD Clinic Coordinator

Full Kelly Pritchett bio
Stacie Ray

Stacie Ray Associate Professor of Practice

Full Stacie Ray bio
Derek Rodgers

Derek Rodgers Research Assistant Professor

Full Derek Rodgers bio
Naomi Rodgers

Naomi Rodgers Assistant Professor

Full Naomi Rodgers bio
Amanda Rodriguez

Amanda Rodriguez Assistant Professor

Full Amanda Rodriguez bio
Mackenzie Savaiano

Mackenzie Savaiano Assistant Professor of Practice

Full Mackenzie Savaiano bio
Nikki Scott

Nikki Scott Lecturer

Full Nikki Scott bio
Josh Sevier

Josh Sevier Assistant Professor of Practice

Full Josh Sevier bio
Anne Thomas

Anne Thomas Assistant Professor of Practice

Full Anne Thomas bio
Alex Trout

Alexandra Trout Research Professor

Full Alexandra Trout bio
Emily Wakefield

Emily Wakefield Lecturer

Full Emily Wakefield bio
Yingying Wang

Yingying Wang Assistant Professor

Full Yingying Wang bio
Kristy Weissling

Kristy Weissling Associate Professor of Practice, SLP Clinic Coordinator

Full Kristy Weissling bio
Amy Willman

Amy Willman Lecturer

Full Amy Willman bio

Andrew Agena Senior Computer Support Analyst

Full Andrew Agena bio
Mathew Bentz

Mathew Bentz Senior Computer Support Analyst

Full Mathew Bentz bio
Kelcey Buck

Kelcey Buck Communications Associate

Full Kelcey Buck bio
Jonathan Carlson

Jonathan Carlson Grants Specialist

April Charroin

April Charroin Patient Care Associate

Full April Charroin bio
Abbey Creglow

Abbey Creglow Student Services Associate

Jill England

Jill England Graduate Coordinator

Full Jill England bio

Bob Haack Schmoker Reading Center Associate

Veronica Hubka

Veronica Hubka Medical Billing & Coding Associate

Julie Lanxon

Julie Lanxon Administrative Associate

Full Julie Lanxon bio
Heidi Menard

Heidi Menard Office Associate

Full Heidi Menard bio
Renee Reick

Renee Rieck Audiology Assistant

Full Renee Rieck bio

The Department of Special Education and Communication Disorders has an experienced group of emeriti and adjunct faculty who add to the strengths of our instructional team.

Emeriti Faculty (2007-present)

John Bernthal, Department Chair, Professor
David Beukelman, Edna Barkley Professor
Stephen Boney, Associate Professor of Practice
T. Newell Decker, Professor
Malinda Eccarius, Associate Professor of Practice
Michael Epstein, William E. Barkley Professor
E. Charles Healey, Professor
Karen Hux, Professor
Timothy Jones, Professor
Christine Marvin, Professor
Gary Meers, Professor
Reece Peterson, Professor
Bob Reid, Professor
Dixie Sanger, Professor
Ellin Siegel, Associate Professor
Stan Vasa, Professor

Adjunct Faculty

Tim Brackenbury, Bowling Green University - CV 
Michelle Charf, Lincoln Public Schools - CV
Diane Ditmars, Lincoln Public Schools (retired) - CV
Tanya Hilligoss, Nebraska Center for the Education of Children who are Blind or Visually Impaired - CV
Susan Lien, Infant Communication Lab - CV
Shannon McLain, Lincoln Public Schools - CV
Sandra Miller, Complete Hearing Solutions - Bio
Vicki Obrecht, Lincoln Public Schools (retired)
Regina Oliver, Educational Service Unit #5 - CV
Carla Osberg, Lincoln Public Schools (retired) - CV
Cynthia Serfass, Lincoln Public Schools (retired) - CV
Aundrayah Shermer, Kansas State School for the Blind - CV
Ellen Stokebrand, Educational Service Unit #4 - CV
Robert Taylor, Kansas State School for the Blind - CV
Meghanne Wetta, Complete Hearing Solutions - Bio