The following items related to the COVID-19 pandemic were created to provide explanations of what is happening, with particular consideration given to being useful for people with aphasia. The dates indicate when each update was posted, with the newest at the top.

omicron variant information

booster shot information

new Lincoln-Lancaster County DHM

Delta variant info

Lincoln-Lancaster County update

COVID-19 vaccine update

COVID-19 vaccine update

UNL plans for spring

holiday guidelines

Lincoln/Lancaster County Directed Health Measure

United States statistics update as of Oct. 11

Husker football first game

Lancaster County statistics update as of Oct. 11

Nebraska statistics update as of Oct. 11

when to wear masks

rules for Lincoln

ways to stay safe

Nebraska COVID-19 stats update

Lincoln, Nebraska, places that are open as of June 13

updated COVID-19 stats for Lincoln, Nebraska

updated COVID-19 Nebraska stats

updated COVID-19 world stats

changes for activities resuming June 1

sports resuming June 1

updated COVID-19 stats for Nebraska

activity suggestions for self-care

COVID-19 Nebraska update

what to do when stressed

World COVID-19 update

U.S. COVID-19 update

April 14, 2020

canceled events

April 10, 2020

Nebraska Strong