Several measures are currently in place to ensure that our website and materials are accessible and usable for individuals with disabilities:

  • The University of Nebraska provides a comprehensive web auditing tool that seeks out and identifies potential accessibility issues and other types of errors throughout our website.
  • As a part of the audit, we use an automated "code sniffer" program called Pa11y that checks specifically for accessibility issues. The Pa11y program checks code for the entire website to ensure that it meets all legal specifications for usability laid out by the United States Government and Nebraska policy. Further, the Pa11y program goes beyond legal requirements by suggesting changes based on current best practices in web development.
  • These audits are run weekly, and any issues that arise are addressed as soon as possible.


With the UNL web audit, which includes the Pa11y program, we believe that persons with disabilities will find our content accessible and relatively easy to use.

Nevertheless, please contact us if you experience access problems with our website, or have ideas or suggestions on how we can improve. Contact us at: