Special EducationMaster of Education (M.Ed.)

If you are focused on professional education issues and want to specialize in special education, this is a good master’s degree choice for you. Choose this graduate degree if you are seeking special education endorsements.

Option B: You must earn a minimum of 30 credit hours, and at least one-half of the credit hours must be in the major. The remaining work may be in supporting courses and may comprise a minor consisting of at least 9 credit hours selected from and approved by the minor department. At least 15 credit hours must be earned in courses open exclusively to graduate students (900- or 800-level without 400 or lower counterparts). At least 6 semester hours selected from education courses outside the major must be included.

Application to this program

Visit the Office of Graduate Studies website and submit the following:

  • Online application 
  • Transcripts 
  • TOEFL scores (International students only) (Institution code = 6877) 
  • Financial Resource Certification (International students only)

You must also enter or upload the following:

  • Resume/vita
  • Personal statement, addressing the following: (1) Why do you want to pursue a Master's degree and what skillset do you want to acquire that you wouldn't otherwise have without this degree? (2) What challenges do you anticipate experiencing in graduate school (e.g., balancing work and/or family, time management), and what strategies will you use to overcome the challenges? (3) How do you monitor learning, at what stage do you determine you need to alter your approach to studying, and what would those changes entail? *Your answers will also be judged based on the quality of your writing.*
  • Prerequisite courses
  • Names and contact information for three references of your choosing. (The system will automatically email the specified people and request that each upload the recommendation.)
    References should be able to write letters attesting to the applicant’s academic ability to successfully complete graduate school. Letters should be signed by the reference and submitted on letterhead. These references likely hold a master's or more advanced degree, and should not have any family connection to the applicant.
  • Assistantship / Fellowship Application (optional) 
  • Writing Sample (Optional)

Deadline for Applicants

May 1. (Summer/Fall admission)
January 15. (Summer/Fall admission)
October 15. (Spring/Summer admission)

Contact graduate@unl.edu with any questions regarding transcripts. All other application process questions can be sent to Jill England at jill.england@unl.edu.