Special Education Endorsements

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The Department of Special Education and Communication Disorders offers four different graduate-level endorsements as part of a master’s degree for teachers already holding a standard teaching certificate. Teachers already holding a standard teaching certificate (early childhood, elementary or secondary) can request additional teaching endorsements with the Nebraska Department of Education once they have completed the approved programs of study.

In special cases, SECD may provide an endorsement program without a master’s degree. Contact the department for more information.

If you do not have a teaching certificate, you can obtain certification and the specialized endorsement in the following areas:

  • Special Education Generalist (K-6) or (7-12)
  • Early Childhood Special Education (Birth to age 5)

Note: To receive certification as a school administrator requires an administrative certificate parallel to those for teachers. Administrative Certificates are offered through UNL's Department of Educational Administration. The administrative certificate program in special education, (Supervisor of Special Education), may be completed concurrently with a graduate degree in special education. This program requires application and admission to both of the departments. Each of these programs may be completed concurrently with, or independent of, the requirements for a master's degree at UNL.