Travel Expense Reimbursement

There are numerous University guidelines and procedures for travel expense reimbursement for mileage, airfare, parking, meals, lodging, etc. If you have questions when submitting a Travel Authorization Request or Employee Expense Voucher, contact Nell Inselman in the CEHS Business Center

A few brief guidelines to know:

  • Travel authorizations and expense reimbursement forms are available on-line on the Resources for Faculty page.
  • A UNL Pre-trip Travel Authorization request should be submitted at least two weeks ahead of your travel.
  • For information on purchasing airline tickets, visit the Travel Services website.
  • Conference registration fees can be reimbursed prior to the conference with the original paid receipt. If any meals claimed were included in the conference registration fee, they should be listed as “registration” expense, not “meals” expense, on the Expense Voucher.
  • The Office Supervisor can submit your conference registration and charge to the appropriate cost object. Schedule a time to do the online conference registration.