Nutrition and Health Sciences

Nutrition Science Option

The nutrition science option will give you the opportunity to intensively study the biological and physical sciences as a basis for understanding the science of nutrition. As a graduate of this program, you will be prepared for admission to medical, dental, nursing, physician assistant, pharmacy, chiropractic and optometry schools.

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Program Features

Innovative Curriculum

Engage in challenging curriculum combining multiple sciences along with nutrition and health courses. This program provides comprehensive preparation for study at the graduate level.

Hands-On Learning

Apply what you’ve learned in the classroom and gain practical experience through an internship. Students have completed internships with organizations such as ConAgra Foods, Syracuse Area Health and the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

Research and Outreach Opportunities

Conduct research alongside expert faculty on one of several nutrition and health topics. Engage in programming and make an impact across the state through the Nebraska Center for the Prevention of Obesity Diseases or Nebraska Extension.

Global Experiences

Learn about nutrition, exercise, food and culture in Japan or study the sports medicine practices of ancient Greece during faculty-led global experiences.

Notable Courses

NUTR 250 Human Nutrition and Metabolism

Introduction to nutrient function in the body, nutrient chemistry and energy metabolism. Role of nutrients in health and disease.

NUTR 302 Health Information: Science, Media and the Consumer

Critical evaluation, interpretation and communication of consumer health messages.

NUTR 450 Medical Nutrition Therapy I

Nutrition assessment, nutrition support, documentation of nutrition services and medical terminology.

CHEM 109A/L General Chemistry (and lab)

Introduction to chemical reactions, the mole concept, properties of the states of matter, atomic structure, periodic properties, chemical bonding and molecular structure.

LIFE 120/L Fundamentals of Biology (and lab)

A systems approach to the study of life at the cellular level, investigating cellular structures, chemical processes, cell metabolism, cell division, gene expression and introducing patterns of inheritance.

PHYS 141 Elementary General Physics I

Mechanics, heat, waves and sound.

Huskers Do Big Things


  • University of Nebraska Medical Center
  • Husker Athletics
  • U-Save Pharmacy
  • Syracuse Area Health


  • Medical Physician
  • Dentist
  • Pharmacist
  • Chiropractor
  • Research Scientist

Graduate Schools

  • M.S. Athletic Training, Nebraska
  • M.S. Nutrition and Health Science, Nebraska
  • MPAS, Physician Assistant Studies, University of Nebraska Medical Center

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