Hospitality, Restaurant & Tourism Management

Hospitality, Restaurant & Tourism Management Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

Our program combines classroom instruction with experiential learning to help move you into management positions in the hospitality industry, one of the largest and fastest growing in the world. The program is designed to meet current industry needs and be flexible enough for you to tailor it to your interests with one of six areas of emphasis.

You’ll have opportunities to travel domestically or internationally on study tours; work at three different hands-on internships; or study abroad. Some of our students have interned for organizations like the College World Series, Disney, Hilton International, HUMANeX Ventures; some travel to Las Vegas, New York, India, Europe, South Africa, even Sydney, Australia.

We strongly encourage you to develop an area of emphasis within the program. Doing so not only makes you a stronger candidate for many positions by the time you graduate, but it also gives you an opportunity to take the courses closest to your interests.

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Club Management
University of Nebraska-Lincoln offers a comprehensive Club Management program. The curriculum, developed by both industry and academic leaders focuses on advancing the knowledge needed to manage the operations of private club properties and resorts. The field of club management is projected to grow six percent from 2014 to 2024, which will result in about new jobs in the areas such as Events, Clubhouse Manager, Food & Beverage Operations, Controller, and Director

Event Planning
Event planning may be a good fit if you see yourself planning and participating in amazing events like the Cannes Film Festival, College World Series, professional sporting events, concerts, conferences or corporate travel. From the basics to the advanced elements of the industry, you can specialize in the topics of events that are the most interesting to you, such as budgets and site selection, contracts, vendors, negotiations, promotions, food and beverage management, weddings and conferences.

Food and Beverage
Food and Beverage Management prepares you for leadership roles in a dynamic and growing industry. Educational course work includes and emphasis on management and leadership, food preparation, sanitation, safety and hygiene, food science and nutrition, food and beverage service, quantity food production, cost controls, purchasing and material management, event management, marketing, catering and wine selection and service.

Human Resources
As hospitality organizations have become increasingly aware of the importance of attracting, building and retaining the best representatives for their workforce, they have looked to invest in human resources leaders. Human resource professionals connect an organization's most important assets, its people, to products and services produced through value-added activities, such as:

  • talent management
  • training and development
  • change management
  • employee relations
  • complaints and grievances
  • employee rights
  • appraisals
  • health and safety
  • strategic planning

The emphasis in lodging prepares you to enter management or entrepreneurial positions in resorts, restaurants, hotels, inns, or bed and breakfast enterprises. Site visits, and visits from industry leaders who discuss current trends, bring an entrepreneurial approach to learning. You will learn to address current industry needs through exposure to current issues, such as:

  • efficient hotel operation
  • business ethics
  • financial control
  • marketing principles
  • human resource management
  • resort development

Tourism may be the right fit if you would like to work in a growing, dynamic, global industry offering tourism, travel, cultural and educational experiences. Tourism is now one of the world’s biggest and fastest growing sectors. With this rapid growth, demand for people with the right qualifications is high. This emphasis area will prepare you for managerial positions in the tourism industry, including convention centers, event tourism, travel agencies and/or destination management organizations. You will learn marketing and management aspects of entrepreneurial tourism development through investigation of cultural, economic, and demand functions that affect modern tourism promotion and progress.

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  • Event Manager/Director
  • Club Manager/Director
  • Catering Manager/Director
  • Food and Beverage Manager/Director
  • Purchasing Agent
  • Entrepreneur
  • Human Resources Manager/Director
  • Hotel/Resort/Lodging Manager
  • Tourism Manager/Director
  • Wedding Planner
  • Arena Manager/Director
  • Cruise Ship Manager

Application to this program


Bachelor of Arts 4-Year Plan

Year 1

Semester 1 · Fall
Course Credit Hours
HRTM 171 Career Exploration in Hospitality Management 1 cr
ACE 1 3 cr
ACE 3 3 cr
EDPS 209 Strategies for Academic Success 3 cr
AGRI 103 Introduction to Agricultural and Natural Resource Systems 3 cr
Total Credits 13
Semester 2 · Spring
Course Credit Hours
ACE 2 (ALEC 102 recommended) 3 cr
ACE 4 3 cr
HRTM 2XX 3 cr
TMFD 121 Visual Communication and Presentation 3 cr
ACE 6 3 cr
HRTM 172 Field Experience in Hospitality Management I 1 cr
Total Credits 16

Year 2

Semester 3 · Fall
Course Credit Hours
JGEN 1XX or 2XX 3 cr
ACCT 200 Accounting for Business Decisions 3 cr
ECON 200 Economic Essentials and Issues 3 cr
HRTM 2XX 3 cr
ALEC 202 or ALEC 302 3 cr
Total Credits 15
Semester 4 · Spring
Course Credit Hours
Professional Electives 2XX or 3XX 3 cr
HRTM 397 Internship in Hospitality Management Supervision 1 cr
ALEC 305 or ALEC 302 3 cr
ACE 5 3 cr
ACE 9 3 cr
Elective 3 cr
Total Credits 16

Year 3

Semester 5 · Fall
Course Credit Hours
Professional Electives 2XX or 3XX 3 cr
Professional Electives 2XX or 3XX 3 cr
HRTM 374 Guest Services Management 3 cr
HRTM 310 Managerial Decision Models in Hospitality and Tourism 3 cr
HRTM 360 or MRKT 300 3 cr
Total Credits 15
Semester 6 · Spring
Course Credit Hours
HRTM 481 or BLAW 300 3 cr
ALEC 3XX or 4XX 3 cr
HRTM 483 or FINA 300 3 cr
Professional Elective 3 cr
Professional Elective 3 cr
Total Credits 15

Year 4

Semester 7 · Fall
Course Credit Hours
Professional Elective 3 cr
ALEC 3XX or 4XX 3 cr
HRTM 476 or HRTM 479 (ACE 10) 3 cr
MNGT 300 or Elective 3 cr
Elective 3 cr
Total Credits 15
Semester 8 · Spring
Course Credit Hours
HRTM 476 or HRTM 479 (ACE 10) 3 cr
ACE 7 3 cr
Professional Elective 3 cr
ALEC 3XX or 4XX 3 cr
Elective 3 cr
Total Credits 15

This document represents a sample 4-year plan for degree completion with this major. Actual course selection and sequence may vary and should be discussed individually with your college or department academic adviser. Advisers also can help you plan other experiences to enrich your undergraduate education such as internships, education abroad, undergraduate research, learning communities, and service learning and community-based learning.