90 credit hours with dissertation


Biochemical and Molecular Nutrition Specialization

Designed to meet the needs of nutritional specialists with biochemical and molecular knowledge in academia, industry, government, and non-government organizations.

Program contact:

Sathish Kumar Natarajan Assistant Professor

Community Nutrition and Health Promotion

Prepares students for teaching, outreach, and research careers in Extension, community health, and related areas to lead community-based food, nutrition, and health programs for diverse groups of children, families, and older adults.

Program contact:

Weiwen Chai portrait picture

Weiwen Chai Associate Professor

Exercise Physiology

Students will acquire advanced compentencies in nutrition, exercise, research design, and statistics.

Program contact:

Terry Housh Professor

Nutrition and Health Sciences Specialization

Students can tailor this program to their specific interests. Click here to view a listing of sample courses: https://catalog.unl.edu/graduate-professional/courses/nutr/.

Program contact:

Heather Rasmussen

Heather Rasmussen Interim Department Chair, Associate Professor, Professional Studies in Dietetics Program Director