Athletic Training Bachelor of Science (B.S.)


You'll be prepared to work in the exciting career of athletic training where you can support athletes in the challenges of maintaining their health. A strong academic program is paired with a challenging clinical program that includes daily opportunities to learn with Husker athletics.


Many career opportunities are associated with attaining a degree in athletic training at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Opportunities include:

  • working with high school/college/professional sports teams
  • working in sports medicine clinics
  • preparing for physical therapy school

Completion of the academic major, including clinical experiences, will also make you eligible to take the Board of Certification (BOC) examination.

After successful completion of the certification exam, as a certified athletic trainer you can seek employment at:

  • public or private schools
  • colleges
  • universities
  • professional sports
  • industrial or clinical sites


At the University of Nebraska Athletic Department, we have:

  • nationally recognized faculty and athletic medicine staff
  • world-class facilities
  • an education program accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE), and in good standing with that organization.
  • highly competitive program entry requirements


The athletic training staff works out of fully-equipped athletic training facilities. Athletic training rooms are located in:

Students are selected for assignments based on skill, experience, and competency in the field of athletic training, and are given the opportunity to work with male and female athletes, individual and team sports, and high and low risk activities.

Throughout your course of study, you'll be exposed to the latest in equipment and techniques.

Relevant Documents


  • Public or private schools
  • Colleges or universities
  • Professional sports organizations
  • Industrial or clinical sites
  • Preparation for graduate/professional study in medicine, sports and exercise performance, or health-related professions

Application to this program


Bachelor of Science 4-Year Plan

Year 1

Semester 1 · Fall
Course Credit Hours
ATHT 145 Introduction to Athletic Training 3 cr
LIFE 120 Fundamentals of Biology I 3 cr
LIFE 120L Fundamentals of Biology I Laboratory 1 cr
MATH 102, MATH 103, or MATH 106 2-5 cr
NUTR 100 Healthy Living 3 cr
ACE 1 3 cr
Total Credits 15
Semester 2 · Spring
Course Credit Hours
ATHT 146 First Aid, Treatment, and Management of Athletic Injuries 3 cr
LIFE 121 Fundamentals of Biology II 3 cr
LIFE 121L Fundamentals of Biology II Laboratory 1 cr
NUTR 150 Career Preparation in Nutrition and Health Sciences 2 cr
PSYC 181 Introduction to Psychology 4 cr
ACE 2 3 cr
Total Credits 16

Year 2

Semester 3 · Fall
Course Credit Hours
ATHT 246 Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries 3 cr
ATHT 247 Clinical Education I 1 cr
BIOS 214 Human Anatomy 5 cr
ACE 5 3 cr
Elective 1-2 cr
INDV 105K 1 cr
Total Credits 14
Semester 4 · Spring
Course Credit Hours
ATHT 249 Therapeutic Modalities 3 cr
ATHT 248 Clinical Education II 1 cr
PHYS 141 or PHYS 151 4-5 cr
NUTR 250 Human Nutrition and Metabolism 3 cr
ACE 7 3 cr
Total Credits 14

Year 3

Semester 5 · Fall
Course Credit Hours
ATHT 345 Evaluation of Athletic Injuries 4 cr
ATHT 347 Clinical Education III 1 cr
BIOS 213 Human Physiology 3 cr
BIOS 213L Human Physiology 1 cr
EDPS 330 or EDPS 459 or STAT 218 3 cr
NUTR 384 Biomechanics of Human Movement 3 cr
Total Credits 15
Semester 6 · Spring
Course Credit Hours
ATHT 245 Organization and Administration of Athletic Training 3 cr
ATHT 346 Rehabilitation and Reconditioning 4 cr
ATHT 348 Clinical Education IV 1 cr
NUTR 484/884 Physiology of Exercise 3 cr
ACE 8 3 cr
Total Credits 14

Year 4

Semester 7 · Fall
Course Credit Hours
ATHT 445/845 Advanced Studies in Athletic Training 3 cr
ATHT 447 Clinical Education V 1 cr
CHEM 109 General Chemistry I 4 cr
ACE 9 3 cr
Elective 3-6 cr
Total Credits 14
Semester 8 · Spring
Course Credit Hours
ATHT 446 Medical Aspects of Athletic Training 3 cr
ATHT 448 Clinical Education VI 1 cr
CHEM 110 General Chemistry II 4 cr
Elective 6 cr
Total Credits 14

This document represents a sample 4-year plan for degree completion with this major. Actual course selection and sequence may vary and should be discussed individually with your college or department academic adviser. Advisers also can help you plan other experiences to enrich your undergraduate education such as internships, education abroad, undergraduate research, learning communities, and service learning and community-based learning.